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  1. I usually look at 5 charts each day. On Thursday, when the market opened only 2 charts had symbols and the other 3 were blank. On Friday the same thing happened. I didn't trade on Monday but on Tuesday only 2 charts had symbols and today only 1 chart has any symbols. Is anyone else having this problem? My update is the latest but that doesn't help either.
  2. Thats a new one on me but email Jer is the fastest way to get a fix.
  3. a second chart started showing symbols but it was 31 minutes after the market opened. Can't figure out what's going on.
  4. Schaefer


    Did you check the data feed and the time frames for the charts?

    Good luck.
  5. The data feed is working fine. Charts start at (9:30) with symbols at 1 minute intervals.
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    I have 26 charts open in QT, there is no problem.

    Best email support, their response is fast & good.
  7. EnzoF


    Double check your subscriptions to real-time data from the exchanges. I know it sounds silly, but I made that mistake recently. Couldn't figure out why SPY data would hang or be seriously delayed, but then realized my AMEX data wasn't realtime, it was just backfill. Duh. In any case, the prob looked like you describe yours.
  8. Also, check what timeframe is selected for the chart that is not showing data till 9:30. It sounds like its using the default "US Equities" and should be changed to something else if its not a US stock. Click on the yellow clock button on the chart toolbar to see the selected timeframe.
  9. the stock symbols not showing are mdrx rmbs and aapl
  10. Please send STOCKS.INI, PORT.XML, CHARTS.INI and CACHE\SDATA.DMP files (zip them first) to and include the URL to this post.

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