Medved and Forex?

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  1. Does Medved have any plans on forex charting?

    I would love to use medved for my forex charting...

    Does anyone know a good charting program for forex? I use Oanda and the charting they have is just not good enough IMO.

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  2. If your data vendor supplies forex data then there shouldn't be any issues in QuoteTracker displaying it.
  3. Really...Do you know if Oanda does?

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. DAMMMIT...:)

    Thanks for the info though..

    Does anyone know of any good Forex charting software?
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    If I were you I would either pay for a data feed and use QT or open an account with a proper broker and use QT.I use QT with an IB feed and for me personally it's an unbeatable combo.With 24 hour automatic S/R lines at 4 levels plus DeMark pivots it's ideal for Forex,not to mention the fantastic support from QT for a few $ a year!
  7. How do you like trading FOREX through IB though? Do you use the IDEALPRO or whatever it is with the minimum of 25k for forex? Or just ideal?

    Can you do me a favor? Can you post a screen shot of your IB forex window with QT?

    Thanks for the advice, I am going to look into it further.
  8. I will take the liberty of posting the picture. Below is an example, though obviously you can configure yours any way you like:


    Jerry Medved
  9. Great, thank you.
    Forgive me (Still green) Do you execute your trades through your quotetracker platform? Or, through the IB interface, and it shows up on quotetracker?

    And, with IDEALPRO, do you need a minimum of 25k in your account?

    Thank you very much for the information!
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