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    I strongly stand by the necessity for meditation for EVERYBODY wanting to take on the career of trading and to be successful at it.
    Without this we are locked-in to an inflexible world-view that may not be a helpful one for trading.

    It would be very interesting to hear from those practicing meditators that have practically applied their practice to the world of trading.

    I’ll start off the discussion by mentioning that I find the whole field of motivation ESSENTIAL, both for trading and meditation.
    By grace or karma this conviction was realised through a deep investigation as to precisely why I was moving out from a lucrative professional career in Japan and into the trading business many years back and I can openly admit that this research has tremendously promoted the “bottom-line” of my trading businesses more than any other single area of technical or fundamental research.

    Upon first reflection most may well find that their motivation is “money” and so I would implore that you look past this if this is where you find yourself focussing. I suggest this, also with conviction, because in my “deeper” investigative conversations with the more successful traders that I have had the pleasure to meet there is indeed a common thread here. Sure it can easily be said that those with money can indeed then look past the money and we appear to have a catch 22 here, however it is my point here that correct motivation is an essential precedent to “money” as opposed to the other way around.

    Explore it, investigate it, play with it and talk about it here, it would be very good to hear and share what others feel, have done and are continuing to do in this area both on a practical and maybe even the metaphysical level.

    I fortunately have the motivation to help others and this helps me and those I am fortunate to share with. What helps you?

  2. Meditation is a tool. Just like a hammer or screwdriver.
    When you meditate you calm your mind.

    Calming your mind gives you nothing in itself.

    But it does make it far more likely you will get "AHA" moment after you are done with meditation. A bright idea, a new trading edge, new business etc etc. And even days later your mind is sharper after good meditation.

    Modern human beings are like rats in a maze. When you calm your mind. You are more likely to be one of those rats that leave the maze.

    Everything is a numbers game, meditation including.

    Meditation is like defragmenting your Hard Drive. After that it runs just a bit faster.
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    Are we to gather from your post that you are young and inexperienced.
  4. Assume whatever you want. I have no control over that.

    I too will assume you are confused man unable to read and understand my posts :cool: