Meditation and trading

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  1. It has been proven that meditation is one of the best ways to learn how to control your mind and improve your general performance. I'm wondering how many of you guys meditate? And how does it impact your performance?
  2. i meditate for 20 minutes, almost daily, Zen style

    i don't really know if it helps my trading, but it helps me sleep, which can't be bad

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    Yes felix, it can help in all aspects of life, including trading.
  4. meditating is both the easiest and hardest thing to do at the same time. Anybody can simply sit quietly for fifteen minutes, yet almost nobody can do it.
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    Ray Dalio said that he wouldn't be where he his without it's transcendental meditation.

    I personally don't meditate.
    Maybe I should. I am a false zen guy.
    However I think sport is to be privileged.

    I mean ... Real sport
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  6. I've recently quit coffee for tea. -- and i feel a whole lot more calm, cool and collected. -- i'm sure those traits helps for trading. ;)
    hot kind of like an alcoholic-free buzz, or zen :rolleyes:
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    Meditation is a great pratice for traders
  8. Yeah, even though we as a human being trying to pretend that we behave rationally, but at least 40% of our decisions are influenced by some other factors.
  9. But generally guys I think there is a huge benefit in meditating, especially in our job, when you have to stay cool and make rational decisions really fast.
  10. i prefer the caffeine in tea over coffee also [it's seems to be a milder caffeine, or less]

    but it's hard to quit coffee

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