Meditate or perish

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by loza, Feb 4, 2006.

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    I used to be interested in NLP and even paid big bucks to go to Fiji with Tony R. Now I am beginning to realize that true meditation is the key to trading, health and happiness.
    My advice to all you ET wanna bees - learn to meditate!
    fortunately I have lots of time on my hands and I have mastered this artform. Now I can lower my heartbeat, people do not bother me inside here and I trade like a little energizer bunny. When I get out of here I am already hooked up to Grand Cayman Ils and major money is backing my trades.
    The funny thing is on the outside I could never find backers and money, it seems all the people who have dow stashed away are inside....he he he :) life is funny.....
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    Didn't know you could trade in prison!
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    In some you can. Not all prisons are made of the same. We have MBA's, Lawyers and like in here.....
  4. Cripes, you've all the ingredients for a hedge fund from the sound of it.
    Nothing like good networking!
    Any particular meditation technique?
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    Where is "here"? Is it your state of mind? I'm not flaming you, just trying to understand your post.
  6. get a pet.
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    You pass the litmus test for making money. Everybody that I grew up with that is now a grand success were trafficers/thieves back in the day, and they were tight with money too, squeezing the nickels until the buffalo started complaining.
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    no one should post to this thread until we hear more specifics from loza concerning his current location etc.:)
  9. On meditation:

    Ohmmm is where the heart is.
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    or what he's in for
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