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    Mediscare 3
    by Newt Gingrich

    For the third time in my public life the Democrats are once again using falsehoods to try to frighten the American people about Republicans and Medicare solutions.

    Once again the Democrats have retreated from a responsible conversation about solving America's problems.

    Once again the Democrats have been reduced to using fear instead of facts.

    Once again the Democrats have to resort to lies to try to frighten the American people.

    Think of this as "Mediscare 3," a bad sequel to two bad failures.

    Mediscare I and II

    The Democrats lost their first two Mediscare efforts because a "big truth" Republican campaign unmasked and repudiated the Democrats' "big lies."

    The first time the Democrats ran a Mediscare campaign was in 1980. President Jimmy Carter and the Democrats tried to smear Ronald Reagan and frighten the American people into believing he would abolish Medicare. Yet every time Carter employed a falsehood as part of his scare tactics in the presidential debate, Ronald Reagan would answer "there you go again." The American people rejected the big lie campaign, and Reagan carried more states against Carter in 1980 than FDR carried against Hoover in 1932.

    The second Mediscare campaign was in 1995-1996 when the Democrats and their allies tried another dishonest, big lie scare campaign over Medicare. They attacked Republicans in thousands of ads. The Democratic lies and distortions were so clearly dishonest that columnists and editorial writers across the country exposed them, told the truth, and condemned the Democrats.

    After Mediscare 2 in 1996, the House Republicans were vindicated when we became the first re-elected House Republican majority since 1928. All those lies about Medicare led to public disgust with the Democrats, and they did not regain power until the Republicans had held the House for twelve years.

    Mediscare Part III

    Now we have the beginning of Mediscare 3.

    The Democrats and their allies in the elite media are determined to divide Republicans and to lie about our efforts to save both Medicare and America from fiscal collapse. With no real answers themselves, the Democrats are launching a series of falsehoods.

    Consider how dishonest and outrageous their lies are:

    It is a "war on seniors." – Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
    "The GOP wants to end Medicare in order to pay for an almost 30 percent tax rate reduction for the wealthiest Americans … and maintain the tax subsidies for oil companies." – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    Ryan's plan "is going to kill half the people who watch this show." – Chris Matthews, MSNBC

    "We gave the blueprint for how we strengthen Medicare in the Affordable Care Act" – Rep. Nancy Pelosi (In fact, the Act cuts around $500 billion from Medicare.)

    "It [the Republican plan] is a path to poverty for America's seniors." – Rep. Nancy Pelosi

    "It would end Medicare as we know it and funnel Medicare dollars directly into private insurance companies' pockets." – Sen. Max Baucus

    Even though it is the Democrats who will destroy healthcare for seniors through rationing and who will drive doctors out of Medicare, the Democrats claim: "Ending Medicare is the new GOP Litmus test."

    In reality, saving Medicare so it is affordable with no government rationing of healthcare for seniors is the new GOP litmus test. Republicans are working to preserve a doctor-patient relationship and access to care for all seniors.

    Congressman Paul Ryan and the House Republicans are trying to save Medicare in a period of enormous economic and fiscal difficulties.

    Their plan is the beginning of a serious conversation with Americans about how to achieve real Medicare reform with more choice, lower cost and better quality for seniors while moving America back toward a balanced budget.

    The Road Ahead: Cheerfully Continue Telling the Truth

    America faces great challenges.

    America needs big solutions.

    Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats are not offering solutions. They are offering more scare tactics.

    We need to stand firm against these attacks. Republicans and all Americans need to be bold and offer real solutions that improve Medicare so we can preserve it for current and future generations.

    The lessons of 1980 and 1995-96 are clear. The Democrats' big lie Mediscare campaign will inevitably collapse if we cheerfully insist on telling the truth and work with the American people.

    Your Friend,

  2. So far, ie NY26, it's working for the Dems. Also, polls show that people don't want any changes.

    IMO, the GOP has a good idea but a lousy message.

  3. Ricter


    Imho the GOP has a lousy idea and they're being too honest about it.

    Anyway, I think "death panels" has to be counted as one of the mediscares.
  4. BSAM


    Democrats are worthless.

    Republicans are worthless.

    They have worked together to cover their own asses while the country goes down the toilet.
  5. Yannis


    The vote for the GOP was lower than expected but they lost because they had two candidates.
  6. Yannis


    He's Right

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  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    It's going to end whether or not the people or politicians want it to. The only question is how it will end. Will it be reformed, turned into something that works and perpetuate into the future for all? Or will it spectacularly explode when the US fiscal situation detonates and everyone will be left in the cold?

    You can argue the message until your pie hole is sore, but it's irrelevant. It's going to happen. This is indisputable. It is a mathematical certainty.

    Own up now and deal or suffer later.

    There's a message for you.
  8. Yannis


    I agree with you. Yet, my problem is that in such circumstances the demagogues prosper and gain power, while the honest politicians and patriots lose and are kicked out. There must be something we can do to alter this destructive pattern :(
  9. Ricter


    Well, it's still more business for China, but...
  10. Yannis


    Chinese Guillotines

    Not sure what I'm looking at here - where do they put the dissident?


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