Medication and Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lights, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am not sure if this has been discussed previously and have done a search and could not find anything.

    Has anyone had experience using certain prescribed medication while trading and had any positive or negative effects in your cognitive abilities to make decisions?

    In particular are benzos, such as Klonopin, Zanax which I have been recently been prescribed for but am weary because I wonder if I will somehow lose an edge.

    A bit about my past, I was prescribed for an SSRI (Paxil) 4 years ago and from my understanding the serotonin re-uptake inhihitor will harm one's ability to use the frontal lobe which is responsble for cognitive decision making.

    Any advice regarding the use of benzo's would be appreciated. I have been prescribed but weary of using them and if I will follow the strict dosage but not sure if this is a good idea to even start given the fact that trading requires a full set of concentration.

    Any help and suggestion will be appreciated.