Medical Supply and Device Stocks

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  1. I've noticed that these have really taken an undeserved bruising since Obama came into office. Does anyone know why? Is it because of fear of nationalized health care? Any info and links would be much appreciated...
  2. Medical supply and device stocks are not "immune" from bear markets. :cool:
  3. Didn't mean to imply that. What I meant is that they have been hit harder than most sectors if you look at the indexes. Plus, many of the best stocks are blowing through support levels like they never existed. And all of this in spite of the fact that traditionally med supp and device are good holdings during times like these. And I can't believe it is sector rotation?

    Earnings are quite solid for many of these companies, so I just don't see why they're getting hit much worse than everyone else unless it's simple "Fear of Obama"...
  4. Big money will collect shares first and they will come out and upgrade the sector saying it's overdone.

    Look at MS chart. From $16 to $24 in 2 days. GS upgraded it today. What changed????

    There are so any bad people with big money who love to steal money from small investors.

    We all will leave this earth empty handed.
  5. Today is a great example of what I mentioned. Big money stole weak hand shares and then drive them up.

    Medical devices/heathcare stocks have been running up in a couple of days in a way just like the 1999 is here agai...
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    How would pharmaceutical stocks perform with nationalized health care? Does anybody have material on this?