Medical School for Dummies

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  1. Get your medical degree in only 10 days!!

    I wonder how many copies of THAT book would sell? Yet, people insist on starting a new trading method and expecting to become profitable in weeks. I see this demeanor from users in my trading room all the time. They’ll take a trial, and 3 days later question why their executions were not the exact same or better then our track record. Don’t get me wrong. Some of our users obtain better results with the track record and most are pretty much on par with it. And for that, I commend them.CutYou

    Setting high goals for your self is admirable. However, I think its very unrealistic for a newbie to think this way. The goal of a new trader should be to learn the methods while not losing any money. There is no shame in breaking even while learning a new system or learning to trade for that matter. It would be ludicrous to think that doctor, lawyer or any serious professional would jump in to their new profession with only a few weeks of training. Your first goal should be to soak up as much information as possible while staying afloat. Getting greedy and trying to make a small fortune during your first few months of trading will only result in disaster. Who am I? Someone who knows this from first hand experience. I only wish I would of been able to accomplish that feat while going through my trading trials and errors years ago.
    Sorry, at pure tick we don’t hand you a scalpel after the 10 day trial. You must earn it, like all the rest of our seasoned traders. As always, we’ll help and guide you as much as we can. Don’t let fear and greed over turn your account.