Medical Marijuana Is Getting Its First ETF, and Investors Couldn’t Be Happier

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    I will stick with SPY and associated options, you can make plenty of money with that and sleep well at night. I have a feeling it will be a dud over time. Probably not very liquid either.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Bought HMMJ market on open yesterday, weed is very close to being legal in canada, and there will most likely be 1 or 2 players who dominate, but the valuations on some of these companies requires alot of faith at this point, most of them will fail, and aside from doing your own research its hard to know which companies are just some pot heads growing weed, and which has the potential to be the "Budweiser" of pot.

    I love the ETF.

    CGC(ticker changed to WEED now) was alot of fun but i sold like an idiot just over 5 when i doubled my money, and didnt want to chase beyond that. Look at it every day just because im a glutton for punishment and i need to tell myself how badly i blew it.
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    Is that Canadian listed? I can't get a quote for that. I caught a double in CARA...sold early as well.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah its on TSX, HMMJ is the symbol
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Nice work on CARA, i had a few 100% gains but nothing where i put enough money behind it to be very relavant, and always sold too early.

    OWCP you could have bought for a half a cent and it went to three bucks, lol, million shares would have cost 5k. Made alot more on the short side on most of them, because it was hard to trust the moves and the companies enough to commit alot of money too them on the longside, but there was lots of money on the downside, CNBX, and OWCP were gold mines, on the short side, they both cracked on the same day, around the same time, that was a fun day.

    OWCP had made its run to three dollars and CNBX was just getting stuffed over and over, so shorted a ton of both and then cause they were pink sheets, the action is sooooooo slow, and size was walking them both down the whole day with very few upticks, reminded me of the good old days on NYSE with the specialist before it went electronic.

    Thats why i love HMMJ etf on the TSX though, i want exposure to that industry, but everything looks so bubbly and you know 90% of them are going to zero, but a couple of them will be well run, and end of being the budweiser of marijuana, before that ETF, it was hard to commit much capital cause you know they are mostly garbage companies, and i dont got the time to research them each individually and get to know whose running them.
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    it sounds like a good opportunity to make money.
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    I hope it hits a lot of new highs.
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    ...and not go up in smoke.
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