Medical insurance

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the cost of health and dental insurance is per month at Echotrade? Is there a waiting period to get insured once you join the firm?
  2. 220-250 for single
  3. Why not just call the Echo offices. They don't bite. They'll even give you the correct answer.
  4. Would the amounts differ from state to state?
  5. yes they differ. just give them a call
  6. if you are in florida you can buy Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a healthy single male 80/20 plan for about $100 a month last time I checked.
  7. i think it's about 370 a month here in nj
  8. corvus


    You can get "catastrophic" coverage ($1500 deductible, PPO) for $36/month/person with Regence Blue Shield in WA. I figure that I'm making enough to cover basic doctor/dentist visits...
  9. my hmo blue cross / blue shield wants to raise my monthly
    nut again ...

    it was about $315 2 yrs ago then this yr went to $347
    now they want to raise it to $395

    I think I am going to be shopping for new coverage elsewhere