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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Aquajim, Jan 13, 2004.

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    I need medical insurance for myself and spouse in NJ and it seems there isn't much out there other than hmo's I want a ppo. Is there an organization for traders that would offer some kind of group insurance? I would happily join. Thanks for any responses
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    found this site a while back called (or They will list tons of policies at prices that seem to be pretty reasonable, and also from reputable firms (blue cross/blue shield) . I'm in Chicago, I don't know about NJ but this may help.

  4. Investigate the new pre-paid tax accounts for self employeds that I believe just started on January 1. It requires taking out a policy that provides catastrophic coverage only with high deductibles. You also make contributions into an account that pays for medical expenses not covered by the policy. It's very cheap and the money you don't spend on medical remains in your pre-tax account for future use. You also get PPO type rates from providers since your part of a larger group. Very good if you don't expect lots of claims but want to be prudent and retain insurance.
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  6. I think the comment from jrweiner is right on the money.

    Setting up a medical savings account (MSA) is very tax efficient. The money that goes into it is not taxed, and is used for smaller expenses, just like an employers medical flexible spending account.

    You then get a catastrophe policy, which has a high deductible, usually above $3500.

    The good thing about those cat. policies is, they usually have less restrictions that the conventional insurance that many people carry.

    As a practising md, I see patients really struggle trying to meet the costs of copays and co-insurances.

    Most conventional policies pay only 80% of the visit, and that's only after you've paid the big deductible.

    When compared to MSA's, quite a few people feel they're better off with MSA's financially. Plus, you get to pick your doctor on YOUR terms, not on the financial arrangements chosen by your insuance carrier.!