medical insurance folly

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  1. My wife has great medical insurance through her leftist school district. She just had Lasik eye surgery and we went to the drugstore to pick her up some Lunesta to help her sleep. It was 104 bucks and they told us we should go to Kaiser, our insurance provider, to get a better deal.

    The price at Kaiser with insurance?
    112 bucks.

  2. This doesn't belong in the TRADING forum.
  3. Since when do insurance providers provide prescriptions? At most, they usually use mail-order drug companies to do this, which may cut the cost of the co-pay
  4. Lunesta is not on the formulary for almost all plans. Has nothing to do with right or leftist insurance plans.


    Tell her to ask for a pre-authorization. Until then tell her to take the generic Ambien that they give her. You'll be...I mean she'll be fine.

    EDIT: you said "geat plan." Kaiser is a POS plan. You would probably do better with any Govi plan over Kaiser. Just FYI

  5. Well its been great so far. I was petrified about having our first child here in the States but the quality was great, she had her own room, and the bill was zero.
    Never had to deal with any catastrophes.

  6. The bill was Zero because you already pay (x) amount per month which covers hospital and major medical up to a certain cost level. Kaiser is in effect what any Government plan will ultimately be.

    BTW: you seem pretty happy for a guy who starts a thread called "Medical Insurance Folly."

  7. Damn right I am a happy guy. Its a beautiful day in socal and I've got no complaints. I just find it humerous, hence the use of the word 'folly' that our 'awesome' health insurance makes it more expensive to buy Lunesta than if we didn't have any insurance at all.
    Not sure how much of my wifes check goes to medical dental vision but covering 3 people fully can't be cheap.

  8. The folly is that Obama keeps talking as if the health care system in impotent.
    Obama is scaring people to believe it is all falling apart, when just the government end is falling apart,

    Like this guy, most people are happy with what they have.
  9. maxpi


    I worked for four decades losing out on opportunity to invest 12% of my annual income because it was confiscated from me by the government in the form of SSI.. so I sign up for one of the Advantage insurance deals, it's great.. but BO Pelosi and the rest of the sickie shitheads that want to bring ghetto monster health insurance up to the level of workers and destroy workers insurance... want to kill that program because it costs too much... but hey, I get "End of Life" Counseling every five years if I'm sick or not...