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    I broke my middle finger earlier today, and was able to manipulate it back into place and set it myself.

    What are the odds it will heal correctly without me going to the doctor?

    Thanks in advance for any and all input.
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  3. i crushed a vertabre in my back about 30 years ago. i was in the hospital for a week for observation. no cast no treatment. just the standard exercise in medical bull shit. they said they were looking for signs of the onset of paralysis.

    i think i crushed another one about a week ago. haven't been to the doctor yet. hope i'm not sorry. funny but if i had a broken finger i'ed go to the doctor.

    good luck
  4. If it's in place, what more can a doctor do?

    The question is, is it really in place?
  5. There are different types of finger bone fractures- Some require a straight-finger splint, and some require an angled splint.

    I'd put your odds of full recovery without proper medical attention at about 90-95%. Thing is, if the dice fall the wrong way, this could become something that bothers you for the rest of your life.

    Proper medical attention wouldn't completely eliminate this risk (doctors fuck up all the time- Some hardly even <i>try</i> to do their job properly), but getting checked out by some random orthopedist should at least cut your risk of improper healing in half. If you're lucky enough to find a competent doctor (try ), your odds improve a lot more.

    Disclaimer: I never went to medical school, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond. Hoodooman - get better.
  7. I remember stories of local farmers breaking bones and having the veterinarian setting the bones for a fraction of the cost of a doctor and doing a better job. I suppose it's not possible now because of liability.
  8. I broke my middle finger earlier today,

    First things first. It is not your fault you broke your middle finger, someone is responsible. Contact a good trial lawyer and sue somebody.

    A broken middle finger that doesn't heal straight and true will affect your freedom of speech for years. Flipping people off with a broken middle finger could make you a laughing stock, impairing the true intent of your constituional right to an effective message to your fellow citizen, be it driving, walking or communicating with your co-workers and boss.

    If you won't see a Doctor for your sake, do it for mom, apple pie and chevrolet. It is unAmerican to not get at least several diagnosis and 6 or 7 tests. I'd call 911, these folks are waiting, no questions asked, to assist you at a moments notice. We are consumers, go out and consume for chrissakes.
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    Thanks nutmeg. Sadly, I fall in the minority who take personal responsibility...and it was totally my fault. I was mountain-biking, and was not paying attention to a change in the trail. I have been doing it for 15 years now, and this is the first broken I am doing good. I just need to remember to pay attention, and focus on the task at hand.

    And if Mom knew, she would be having a fit. She would be yelling at me to go to the ER!!!

    I am pretty in tune with my body, and once I got it back into place, it seemed "right". So I headed to the local pharmacist, who told me the finer points of wrapping and splinting. I have some very minor pain today, but nothing that worries me.

    Thanks again everyone.
  10. I think you would know within a week or so whether your set job worked.

    The question that occurs to me is - why don't you want to go see a doctor? You can get an X-Ray and take a look at the break and know if things are okay or if it's shaping up to give you ongoing problems.
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