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    My question is what is the best carrier for insurance for a husband and wife partnership business wise? Any suggestions are welcomed.
    Thanks SteveH.
  2. OHIP
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    That's Ontario Health....I'm in Nyc!
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    Check the dental plans carefully.

    I found for a family plan it would cost 800 per year and the max they pay per person is 1500.

    Sounds like bad risk vs. reward.
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    Your right about that. Which carrier if I may ask?
  6. Check out Golden Rule Insurance. The rates are decent for a $5k deductible.
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    Thanks, I'll check that out later this evening. The more references the better. Thanks all inquirers.
  8. do what i did. after spending at least 60k over 15 years and ahving high dec crap i sent my wife to work for great ins
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    Sounds like a
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    Can you send mine? :D
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