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  1. ANy recommendations on sources for medical and dental insurance for the self-employed. Thank you.

  2. i use personal choice, bluecross/shield, about $325 pr. mnth.
    good coverage, low co-pay and perscripts...

  3. Thanks!

    Any more recommendations?
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    I excercise and brush my teeth.
  5. And if you haven't already, be sure to look into buying disability insurance on yourself in case of sudden injury or illness...
  6. Hi:

    In my office everyone has Blue Cross of California PPO and dental insurance. I pay the tab. Average cost per person is approx $900 every two months. I like the benefits, but I notice that periodically they are reduced (so what else is new) and the cost has gone up more than half in the last 5 years.

    Not a good situation.

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  7. If you're an engineer, join IEEE. They have excellent healt plans and decent dental.
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    Disclaimer: I don't like most doctors, not all. I tend to think, like traders the majority of doctors are losers. Traders lose other people's wealth, doctors lose other people's health.

    Healthcare costs are ridicoulously high and rising fast. Now the primary operators in this industry are: doctors. I think they are the number one cause of rising healcare costs.
    - They tend to think they are entitled to make over million bucks a year for simply putting in an extra four years after college.
    - They rarely say "I don't know" when they really don't know. Instead they prescribe unessary medicines, procedures, etc.
    - When insurance companies and government (a form or insurance company) is picking up the tab, why not just screw em as much as possible.
    - Rarely is any patient is worth more than 10 minutes of their time.
    - Rarely do they mention nutrition or exercise and rarely do they look like they practice either one.
    - Isn't medical malpractice now the number 2 cause of death in this country? I don't like lawyers and courts but in this case I think litigation is not the problem.
  9. send your wife to work like i did. i got tired of paying 1k a month for health insurance. goog family coverage with low deductibles low co pays pregnacy and 20 prisription is a min of 500 amonth for a 30 year old. at 40 its 700 or more at 50 its $1300 or more and on and on. it never ends. and god forbid if you're under a prop houses ins and you get sick and you ahve to leave they let you go or the prop drops the ins or it goes're screwedi sent my wife to work in a 13000 employee school ystem which is about as much a guarantee of a job as possible and 3 months off a year
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    Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and inquire if they offer health insurance under a group plan. My local Chamber offers it and although not cheap, it is at least available to anyone with a pre-existing condition.
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