Media vultures asked to leave

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  1. Sorry folks, that's not how it works. I'm sure they're hoping for another mass killing, maybe Christmas morning. Wouldn't that be great for ratings and pushing the agenda?

    NEWTOWN, Conn.-- Message to the media: It's time to go away.

    That's what many residents here have been saying about the media since Monday, when funerals began for more than two dozen adults and children killed in last week's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    "There are people who should be able to get to these funerals," Janice Butler of Newtown told Yahoo News on Wednesday, standing a few hundred yards from the entrance to the school where Friday's shootings took place. "But some of them can't because you all are here."

    At the Newtown General Store, when a member of the media thanked a store employee for breakfast sandwich, she replied, smiling, "Thank you for leaving."

    In the first days after the tragedy, most reporters here were respectful of the town's 27,000 residents, sharing in their shock and grief while trying to cover it. And most residents and shop owners seemed to understand that it was a major news story of deep interest to many readers and viewers.

    Figs Restaurant here welcomed TV host Geraldo Rivera for two meals late Saturday afternoon. By Tuesday, though, the restaurant had stationed one of the cooks in the parking lot, barring media from parking there.

    Also Saturday, a Newtown teacher offered use of his bathroom and WiFi to several reporters. And the back dining room of the Iron Bridge bar in Sandy Hook became an ABC News bureau on Sunday, where network staff watched President Barack Obama's speech at the interfaith vigil at Newtown High School.

    But on Monday, the Newtown Bee posted a note on its Facebook page, imploring its colleagues and journalists in the media to leave families of the dead alone. "PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE VICTIMS," the note said.

    "We acknowledge it is your right to try and make contact," the paper added on Facebook, "But we beg you to do what is right and let them grieve and ready their funeral plans in peace."

    Several local residents visited the page, adding their voices to the chorus of criticism.

    "We want our town, our lives back," Dennis Brinkmann wrote. "You did your job, now leave us be."

    "Journalists should be reporters not voyeurs," wrote another.
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    it's their paycheck, they ain't gonna stop

    if only adam lanza could have been pissed off at MSNBC
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    Why would he, though? It's they who make these assholes famous. If not for the attention, how many wackos would actually follow through?
  4. We need the press they help to expose snakes like Romney
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    Tsing Tao

    And help get even bigger snakes like Obama elected. Yeah, I can understand why you'd think they were needed. You whore yourself out to the left as much as they do.
  6. No news is good news these days, Capn, that's for sure. I'm afraid of what tomorrow will bring...and nothin scares me.
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    They're heart-broken, leave them alone ...