Media Silence on Obama's Citizenship?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MKTrader, Oct 3, 2008.

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    When child is born within the boarder of United States that child is U.S. citizen regardless of the status of the parent (mother). That might be enough for media not to get involved.

    Many people will never vote for BLACK person no matter what. And that might be a real reason for his actions.
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    Before you're to be taken seriously

    (1) Learn to spell.

    (2) Learn the specifics of this. An high-profile attorney isn't going to take something to court if it's as obvious as you imply

    (3) Quit playing the freakin' race card. For one thing, it works both ways. Many blacks are voting for Obama strictly because of his race, and are pressuring others to do the same. I live in a predominantly black area and can attest to this. They even push Obama hard in Federal gov't work places, even though it's totally against the Hatch Act which was well-enforced to defend Clinton.

    I'd have no problem voting for Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and quite a few other blacks if they ran for President. Race is a complete non-issue to me.

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    Why would you want to take me seriously?
    My comment was a possible answer to your question not a question.

    Learn specific of what? Was Obama born in US or wasn’t?
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    A few years back a porn star ran for an office in California. It is my opinion that high profile attorney has same intentions as a porn star had.
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    So you still haven't read through Berg's site? You don't know the details. You haven't engaged with the issues. You think it's a lot more simple than it really is.

    And you're voting for Obama. Makes perfect sense. :D