Media Ignores Anti-Obama Dems

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    A 2008 Obama voter crushed under the Obama economy proclaims, “Obama says a lot of things, but his actions are often different.”

    Another says, “Obama’s a great con-artist.”

    Yet another: “I think he just wanted to get up there and show off.”

    An immigrant Obama 2008 voter on ObamaCare: “This is the type of thing my father was trying to get away from in communist Eastern Europe.”

    A woman in tears talks about her family’s situation: “This is the limit. We gotta go by the budget.”

    Another: “I fear for my children.”

    “Smoke and mirrors.”

    Regarding the country, and one family: “I don’t know if we can recover from this.”

    While there is no shortage of films claiming to be the one every American should see, there sometimes is something that a specific, targeted group of Americans should be required to see.

    It’s hardly a new meme that the mainstream media are comfortably snuggled in the pocket of President Obama. His cheerleaders in the media no longer even make so much as the weakest attempt to camouflage their allegiance. Anything shy of promoting Obama, ignoring his massive and even dangerous failures and turning a blind eye to the outpouring of anger over his failed presidency as exemplified in poll after poll showing him below 50 percent could mean the end of a so-called “journalist’s” career — or at least curtail the in-crowd party invites in D.C. and the Upper West Side.

    While many in the media appear unable to locate a copy of their job description, help is on the way. Every political journalist should watch “The Hope and the Change” produced by Citizens United upon its release next week. Why? Because they actually talk to the Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 in some key battleground states but are now bitterly disappointed after four years. Political reporters don’t seem interested in listening to these voters and even pretend they don’t exist. Yet it’s these voters who are going to make Decision 2012.

    That the man with the silver tongue who began with some of the highest approval ratings since they’ve been tracked could find himself below 50 percent at this late juncture should be one of the most-reported political items this election cycle. That so very many Democrats — not to mention independents — who voted for the unknown Barack Obama in 2008 are now turning away from him is news. Big news.
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    Oh, the poor dears. What will they do?
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