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    this time they are conveniently "embedded" in the American propaganda machine.
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    journalists in general are crap at their job.
    One reason for this is most professions have a purposeful and conclusive settlement as their aim. Journalism has no real fixed method which can be defined for producing a testable predetermined end goal. They do not seek to remove by explanation, the bias they mix in by default within their product. So you get all the shysters muddled in with the guys who may be trying to do a reasonable job of work. The propaganda mixed in with the facts.
    Neither do journalists adapt properly. There is such an overabundance of information nowadays but they don't know how to deal with it, often they just add confusion to a deluge of extraneous , immaterial or incorrect information. A photograph without any corroberation or substantiation may well not be what it seems and often has the purpose to misinform or confuse. Watching presenters on tv, who like to call themselves journalists, is a window into the machine churning media filtering product, with their newspeak voices and preformed presentational fixed ceremonies, there for consumption by a public who some college grown media clone has decided is the target mass audience for this mechanical output. If someone talked to you directly in the way these so called journalists do, quite honestly you would dismiss them as weirdos. I saw a news clip the other night where a (presumably) iraqi child was sat on a bed in hospital (again presumed from the pictures) looking up to someone (presumably) out of shot. In the backgound were photographers with cameras slung around their necks. The child was passive for a second. Then suddenly his face contorted and he began to yell ,apparently on the command of someone he was looking at. .At that split second cameras were lfted, snaps of the apparently distressed child hurredly captured. It is ironic that it was probably poor film editing by another so called journalist not doing their job properly, that betrayed these scoop getting journalistic media product makers and a crap editor who didn't notice, or decided not to refer to the obvious questions of reliability.
    Nevertheless it beats the shit out of Saddam Insane's media machine , if just for the fact alone that at least people here can criticise. Hopefully over time journalists will learn to do it better.

    My grand daddy told me... believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. Regular doses of skeptisizm never does any harm.
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  3. I gotta agree with the various comments of Brother yabz, Brother Babak, Brother Aphie, Brother msfe and Brother stu... well done guys... keep up the constructive comments...
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    hey candle brother.
    don't you include me with that mother (not a typo) msfe and the like. I wanna be no part of your brotherhood if propaganda brain dead copy and pasting machines like him are included.
    And what about brother darkhorse? he deserves brotherhood if anyone does.
    Although I don't mind too much as you have included bro Babak, so...... ok then maybe......this time :D
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    I love Fox News, but today they had a reporter discussing the American POWs video. His quote was, "I've seen the video and no one really needs to see that."



    F. P.
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  6. I am in agreement with Brother Fruity... censorship is evil... Iraq has no right to blow up CNN and Fox, cos that is censorship...
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    Censorship could conceivably be a good thing especially if it was to ease some of the bullshite posted by some of these mothers of all brothers that keep popping up.

    Sardonic mockery is useful to a point candle, but enough is more than sufficient. and when you use it in every single one of your posts, enough to make you sound like a pillock
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  8. Americans are notoriously compassionate. In war compassion is not necessarily helpful. Plastering the news with videos of captured and killed American troops has a negative effect on morale and resolve. In a way the media has a difficult balancing act, but they are there at the military's sufferance. That applies even more so for foreign media. I think the time may have come to cut back on coverage rather drastically.

    It was a mistake not to knock Saddam TV off the air immediately. It was also a mistake to allow the Arab press to be involved. We may be at the point where thousands of civilian casualties may be inflicted, not deliberately but because that is what happens in war. Better the military carefully control reporting of that than allow it to be sensationalized.
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  9. If all you ever watched was CNN you would think we already lost the war. The majority of CNN's footage for the past week has been provided by Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera is in Qatar and that country is not the ally they appear to be, they are putting up with us in order to do business with us only. The mastermind of the 9/11 bombing who was recently captured was an employee of the Qatar government before he was discovered there and went on the run. Al Jazeera has shown every major speech by Sadam and offers no context or rebuttal of any kind. And I say again CNN IS GETTING MOST OF THEIR VIDEO FROM AL JAZEERA. CNN has gone global and they are no longer truly an american news source.
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  10. But you have to admit that Al Jazeera has the trust of the Arab world. And it's because of that trust that they get the footage that they do and are able to pass it on to "American" television. I'd rather have all angles of the story than just a bunch of no-name filtered reporters bundled with American troops.

    The more info the better. Besides, we know that war isn't a clean business and any footage we see coming from any source should be met with a critical eye.

    And yes, it's more likely that Qatar, along with Al Queda and Al Jazeera, is involved in a worldwide Islamic plot to destroy America than it's likely that Qatar is just promoting business relationships and has a few bad apples in their society that want to harm America and it's interests. Talk about air-tight evidence of a conspiracy.
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