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  1. yabz


    I'm not based in the US so I don't know how the media is reporting the war, but one thing I've noticed from looking at online versions of newspapers is the lack of images like this:


    This girl had her lower leg severed in a 'coalition' air strike.

    In Asia and the Middle East these are the images that are dominating the papers and its not going down well.
  2. Babak


    Yes, it is important for those watching Fox/CNN/etc. to see these images because it helps to understand the fury in Arab streets right now.

    Al-Jazeera even showed a very small child with half his head blown off. It was EXTREMELY graphic and gratuitous. I guess their standards are different or else they used these images on purpose.

    I do abhor even the thought of innocent souls being hurt. :(
  3. Why is it important to know? Why do we need to understand Arab fury? Did they try to understand our fury on 911?
  4. How do we know that those children weren't killed by Saddam's own troops?

  5. damn right. it pisses me off how countries with an axe to grind against 'imperialist America' ignore the brutal facts. right or wrong, where America stands is a separate issue from the real brutality and cruelty being wielded on innocents- but it's not about the innocents for those who hate the U.S., it's about scoring political points. better to spit in Uncle Sam's eye than to show any genuine concern for the truly oppressed, lest it be misinterpreted as softness towards Bush or the Great Satan.

    Has the foreign media pointed out that Saddam's sabotaged Basra's power and water plants before the war even began, endangering hundreds of thousands of (starving) civilians with no access to clean water?

    Have the foreign media pointed out how the fedayeem are mowing down civilians in an effort to quell their uprising?

    Have the foreign media pointed out that saddam's loyalists are dressing up as american and british soldiers so they can summarily execute any iraqis who surrender or come to them for aid?

    In the past few days, I'd wager that civilian Iraqi deaths at the hands of pro-saddam forces have outnumbered accidental civilian casualties by at least ten to one, or maybe even a hundred to one. By war's end it may be a thousand to one.

    And this, of course, is not to mention the regular torture and brutality that went on long before we showed up. Mutter a word of dissent against the regime, and you would soon find your mother or sister begging for mercy after being raped within an inch of her life. And this is the supposed peace that the protesters would have upheld? Starvation, death, rape and murder in a nightmare police state? It is for sustaining this that Le Figaro (a french paper) calls Chirac "the white knight of peace, the champion of all the oppressed earth?" Talk about hypocrisy. It's enough to make me puke.
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    guys!! all I'm saying is that we have to be aware of it.
  7. You're damn straight. Those kind of images should be put in our newspapers. At the very least, we as Americans (I live in Baltimore, Maryland) should know what the rest of the world is seeing.

    Regardless of what the caption said underneath that picture, the rest of the world doesn't want to see stuff like that -- and guess who started this war?

    Likewise, we're in it now, so we need to finish the job.

    It is unfortunate that we don't see the pictures of 12 year old girls getting raped by Saddam's sons until their vagina bleeds or see the immensely painful torture methods that many endure who oppose Saddam.

    Nope, the only thing the world is seeing right now is a lot of "sensationalized" bullshit -- which I give FOX network full credit for. FOX isn't even concerned with responsible reporting -- they just want to sensationalize everything.
  8. Babak


    Unfortunately you will never see this on Al-Jazeera:

  9. Is the USA dropping propaganda leaflets from the sky on Iraq, or are they trying to combat the propaganda of Hussein's regime?

    Propaganda depends on what side of the fence you are on.

    One man's truth is another man's propaganda.
  10. yabz


    It is surprising that even in the anti-war press they are not publishing these pictures.

    Perhaps there is some behind-the-scenes pressure to stop them doing so?

    In the past the media has usually gleefully seized on anything controversial to publicize.
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