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  1. I would like to commend the MSM for their level headed, non hysterical and balanced coverage of the earthuqake diaster in Haiti. It's refreshing to see that they are not blaming President Obama for the riots, looting, logistal SNAFU's, etc. I mean, it's only reasonable that one would expect such things on a diaster of this magnitude.
    Then there's the issue of politics. They are being very fair towards the president. They could have taken a cheap shot when he has made time to campaign in Mass., and holding meetings with his top Dem leaders for Heathcare reform, instead of being solely focused on Haiti. Any sensible person can see that the world doesn't stop spinning just because of this diaster in Haiti.
    We don't even have anyone blaming the president for the earthquake itslef, the poor building codes in Haiti, a horrid, corrupt and inept government in Haiti. I mean really, how would that be his fault? All in all, we have very fair and balanced reporting. Too bad they couldn't do that when the guy in charge had a "R" behind his name.
  2. It's a black thing.
  3. How about Fox. Who are they blaming?
  4. Yes, finally, a disaster where politics don't matter. Change we can believe in.
  5. I just watched this group of parents on MSNBC.

    While I can sympathize with their sense of panic, they are not being realistic with their demands or criticism of President Obama and the relief efforts in general. Tens, probably hundreds of thousands are dead, millions displaced. There is no Haitian government in place to assist with what has to be a logistal nightmare. It is a catastrophy of epic proportion. To think, let alone have a something be done or else type attitude, that the President and/or the relief effort should just drop everything and focus on these 12 students is absurd.
    This is the same stupid shit that happened during Katrina. I would be remiss if I did not point out it wasn't right then, and it's not right now. To go on TV and make thinly veiled threats about some political consequence if there needs are met, RIGHT NOW, is contemptuous.
  6. Danny Glover.
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    I disagree.

    The American military should provide support and rescue for Americans FIRST. Haitians come second.

    Imagine that was you, you're in Haiti buried under some hotel. The American Military knows where you are, but leaves you for dead so they can hand out food and water to Haitians who never paid a dime in Taxes in their life. That's bullshit.

    And Bush screwed up Katrina, too. Big Time. 7 days before food or water? What a joke.

    There's no excuse for this type of logistical bottle-neck. Take 20 C-130's, buy a shitload of bottled water, fly in some warehoused MRE's, and airdrop it over the major cities. 24/7 airdrops. I heard some academic say airdrops might cause riots, and in the same breathe, "it's impossible to get enough supplies to victims".

    It's a joke. Take all the Helicopters and Cargo Planes available, fly them out of Guantanamo, and blanket Port-au-Prince with rations. Not that hard.

    Could have been accomplished within 48 hours if a big cheese decided to make it happen. Same with Katrina. Instead, everything must be "controlled". The aid flows in at a snails pace so everyone can grandstand and palm-press. Meanwhile, gangrene and looting sets-in while Americans and Haitians are left for dead. Oh well, Fuck it. What do i know.