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    IMAO: Be Positive

    "A good part of being conservative is being positive because we’re awesome and we know it. While liberals bitterly cling to their Noam Chomsky and paper mache protest puppets, we’re generally happy and go about doing our useful day to day work. So, let’s just choose to believe everything here and keep positive about the upcoming election. And we should probably buy some earplugs because if McCain actually wins the high-pitched whining will be unprecedented. I’m not exaggerating. For a while, you’re going to wish we didn’t win. The negative coverage McCain and Palin will get will trump any treatment of Bush. Conservative pundits going on news shows are probably going to need tasers. Keith Olbermann will deliver a comment so special it will just be incomprehensible screaming. The Kos Kids will start to attack and eat each other. It will be horrible and awesome. It will be hawesome."

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  3. Politics are like the market.... gotta be able to hop on either side. Sometimes ya got to lean Rep, other times you got to lean Dem, otherwise, you just become a tool to pull a lever every election.
  4. As I understand it, in the last two elections, the media propagated the bullshit constructs fabricated by uber henchman Karl Rove, by simply repeating the lies as presented to them and thereby giving such bullshit an air of legitimacy. The facts eventually followed for the most part, but the damage was already done and opinions had already been formed. (Ask McCain, he knows. He found himself on the business end of the Rove steamroller at the Republican primaries that preceded the 2000 election.)
  5. (sigh, we gotta cover THIS again)

    The MSM is controlled by megacorporations who are only concerned with making money. They really don't care who is president, they just care their ad revenues are as high as possible.
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    I think it is more important now because we may be running short on checks and balances in the next cycle of government. A biased media will not be a reasonable check. The article confirms points I have made in the past regarding the mainstream (unless you just don't believe the author).

    Just for fun, here is a collection of Thomas Jefferson quotes on freedom of the press. Think about today's major media, left and right, while reading. I won't waste anymore bandwidth on the issue, as it doesn't seem to matter to most. Voters can decide if the media fucked them after the next 4 years has passed.
  7. If you're concerned about fairness in the media, make a rule that says that each show must have equal time for an opposing view.
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    You'll see such a rule shortly. It won't make a difference, unless it truly is fair.
  9. I hope so. There used to be such a rule.

    Guess who got rid of it? Reagan.
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    Actaully, wasn't there a time the goal was to get more conservative voices involved (fairness doctrine)?
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