Mechanical Trading Systems by Earik Beann

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    I have my copy of this book/course for sale.
    It's in perfect 'as new' condition, hard back.

    PM me for any questions or to make me an offer...

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    You should advertise better as the book alone is $1,995, I forgot what the course was(I didn't buy the course), forgot what the software ran me-but it is $7,500 plus monthly now, but the Book is better. It wasn't so much of all the Gann stuff I already knew about, but was other areas I would never think about. But here is the thing, if you a newbie, it is rather overwhelming-same with the software, but if you more advanced that a newbie, you look for areas that can add to what you are already doing. I don't believe Earik Beann still owns the company, I think he managing money, seems to be smart dude.

    Stocks and Commodities did 6 page review of the software:
    The software is way over the top for me, very cool back testing, but for $7,500-if you an Gann Astro trader....might be worth it.

    I have paid some bucks for other materials through the years, the book added more than most, if you already profitable, this added for me.
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