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  1. Is there anyone here using or have experience with Mechanica Trading Software. It came highly recommended from a successful trader friend of mine. I have Googled it and can find very little information or reviews?
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    I don't know anything specific to this case, but generally, mechanical systems that work are not sold; they're used by the inventor, either for their own accounts or to run a hedge fund. In other words, my assumption is that any mechanical system that's sold is probably worthless (or nearly so).
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    I have Mechanica Pro version. It is one of the best software to use to develop and implement mechanical trading systems. Only end of day data, no intraday.

    The use of data is not only limited to price. You can also use sector heat, or any other fundamental information, if you have the correct database.

    The strongest item is money management and portfollio features that you can fully set to your wishes.

    There is a learning curve and there is also a high price tag. The price I know of is 3000 dollars for the normal version and 25000 dollars for the pro version.

    This software is for the pro's in the field.
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    As far as I know it is the only testing software that can backtest open position management at the portfolio level, not just individual markets in parallel.

    This is probably what makes the price so high.
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    Aha, so it's a backtesting platform rather than a canned strategy. In that case, please disregard my previous comment -- it has nothing to do with this type of software.

  6. Thanks for the comments and feedback. I have a telcon with them this week to discuss specifics. There just is not much info on them to be found but their reputation from a trusted few in my trading circle has been very positive.
  7. i can sell my mechanical physical vacuum system to you for $250 000 only.

    you are welcome
  8. ... but that won't stop me from posting anyway... hey, this is <i>America</i>! I'm entitled to my opinion!
  9. Amibroker sells for $200 and it can do EOD, intraday, portfolio backtesting. money management, anything you want, even order placement with an add-on. The only problem is having a few good ideas to test. This is the reason backtesting software has little intrinsic value. Amibroker price of $200 is really the max it can go for.
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