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  1. Mechanica the Windows version of Trading Recipes has been released. Their website does not provide too much info.

    Can those who have used the product share their experiences. Thanks!
  2. Anyone??
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    Buy "Trading Blox" instead.
  4. Why Trading Blox...? Any more info. Thanks in advance.
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    If you want the most powerful backtesting and system development software and do not want to compromise on charting or your investment in EasyLanguage you should take a look at TradersStudio. You can do almost anything with TradersStudio that you can do with Mechanica in terms of system testing. I will admit some of it might require a little more programming in TradersStudio, but it can all be done without too much additional effort. This should not be a problem since mechanica is $25,000 and TradersStudio is only $499.00. At 1/500 the price TradersStudio is the best value in Trading Software. Trading Blox is $2999.00 for the full version which give you complete programmability. Our software development is user driven and if users ask for features we will make them available quickly in future releases. TradersStudio was built by taking input from real traders.

    Neither one of these other products has price charts with the kind of features you would expect in a product like TradeStation. You get all this with TradersStudio. In addition TradersStudio let's you migrate over your existing TradeStation EasyLanguage code with just a few mouse clicks.

    TradersStudio support Intra-day backtesting , portfolio testing and money management in addition to the end of day features. These other products do not. We also plan on releasing a real time version later this year.

    You might ask why are we selling it for only $499.00?. Well our goal is to become the standard platform. We are raising prices in the next month or so by a few hundred dollars, we will be making that announcement shortly. Even with that price increase we will still be the best value in a Trading Platform.

    Here is a link to the product overview page of
  7. I contacted Mechanica and they told me it costs $25K for the product plus an annual maintenance feee after year 1. I inquired about a free trial and they informed me that costs $3K for a 30 day trial.

    Are these guys serious????????????!!!!!!!!
  8. If you're running a $50M fund at 2-and-20, every % of CAGR is worth $100K per year in gross fees. So this software pays for itself if it increases your CAGR by 1/4 of 1% per year. Not to mention the fact that larger CAGR attracts more assets which increases your gross yet more.

    CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate
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    What data sources does TradersStudio operate with? What about direct execution???
  10. I don't think SunGard is shaking in their boots.
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