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  1. Check out apr feeders and april fats. feeders 3 over fats. same with jan feeders and dec/feb fats. i smell a spreading opp!! Anybody else wanna kick around some ideas?
  2. haven't looked at those spreads, but the long Dec. Live / Short Nov. Feeder spread has been working well since the first week in September
  3. yes it has i had my eye on it. Never put it on though, I am gonna have to go through my old notes I used to do a 3 legged fat/feeder/corn spread. With corn at 5.50 and meats where they are it looks good, I will try and find out the acceptable levels for those
  4. I'd like a triple King Fatburger, on the char, with bacon, egg, mayo, chili, cheese and a side of fat fries... large lemonade... roll of tums on the side.
  5. god those look good!!!!
  6. Two spreads hit my radar today (late of course...missed a little opportunity), took action on one...a little nervous about the other.

    First was the Apr/Dec Lean Hog spread, legged into that one...banking on a quick pullback in the Dec and a runup with corn on the April.

    Second one that came up was a long Feb Belly/short Dec Live Cattle spread. looks good, just can't ever seem to pick up the phone and call the pit when bellies are involved...never liked being more than 1% of total daily volume! LOL!!
  7. Hey Tader Tx you ever trade the belly lean hog spread? i.e. when bellies get 30- (36 is the highest ive ever seen) then you buy hogs and sell bellies? I havent been able to do it for a long time, Feb/feb at 22 right now looking to possibly be a canditate. I doubt it though
  8. squeal like a pig.. eeee orrr eee oorrr :D
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    SHORT ALL LIVESTOCK - Feeders,Live & Hogs
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