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  1. Also got me this one- why do the jews insist a animal is " kosher" and the muslims " halal"- is just meat as far as I am concenrned- who gives a damm?
  2. It's called playing with your food. For some reason it's not wholesome if you arn't slitting an unstunned animal's throat while chanting some hebrew or arabic nursery rhyme.
    It's probably the primary reason I find it difficult to respect their culture (most of the rest of it is just harmless peculiarities).

    I also wonder what % of butchers in London are halal now, at least 50% probably.
  3. pspr


    God! Unless you don't believe in that sort of thing.
  4. Hang on- what about fish? unless you are a vegan? live on rabbit food- how shall a fish be killed then?
  5. So why did Jesus sup wine and hunt fish for his last meal? Always confused by that one
  6. Any particular god? There's so many. Or should we be afraid of all of them?