Measuring Latency of Order to Currenex

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  1. I am working with a third party execution software that is being rigged to execute on Currenex. Is there a way for me to measure the time it takes the order to travel from a trader's PC to the third party software server to the Currenex server?
  2. how could we get benefit from what u are doing??
  3. 4X4Living, I don't feel confident yet with the platform's stability or speed of execution with Currenex. I might not use this at all at the end. Until I know something works, I won't recommend it. That's why I want to know about the latency issue. So far, no trader I have spoken to knows how long their trade takes to get to Currenex.
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    You can measure general internet latency between the trader and the broker by having the trader ping the broker.
  5. notouch, from my understanding, the order does not really go to the broker that offers Currenex, but to a Currenex server. Will the broker provide the address of this server for us to ping?
  6. I highly doubt they will provide you that due to security...

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    An IP address for a price server is no big deal.

    If they make some comments about security, remind them that if your pc is communicating with any server, it knows the ip.
  8. try to search the whois, u well find the server of the website and there are a big chance to be the same for the trading platform


    can we discuss this using a msn or any messenger or this against the forum rules?
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    I can't think why it would be "against the forum rules". It's very easy to find out the ip address of who you're connecting to. There's an MS-DOS tool that does it or you can download a GUI tool that does it. In fact many internet security programs also tell you exactly who you're connecting to. No big deal, just find out the ip and ping it.
  10. notouch, sorry for the dumb question I'm going to ask you: if it's not too much trouble, what is the DOS command to do this and the GUI tool? Sorry for the bother.
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