measuring insitutional "hits" and "takes"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by windward, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. windward


    I'm trying to find a way to measure the quantity of "insitutional hits"

    Institutional Hits defined as a block 10,000 shares or more trading on the bid (listed)

    Institutional Take defined as a block 10000 shares+ trading on the offer(listed)

    I'm also looking to measure the amount of times the stock went plus tick bid and/or offered on a minus

    If anyone has any idea on how/where to start to measure that or plot it on a EMA- I'd be very appreciative
  2. That would be a useful indicator! Theoretically it's possible but I haven't heard of anyone offering it as a study.
  3. ig0r


    The majority of the real orders are broken up, aren't they? 10k shares isn't a LOT compared to the 100k+ orders that are broken up into 100+ seperate orders, and when these start hitting the market is when the real movement occurs.
  4. iriekity


    The software I use spots that activity. I trade for a hedge fund and that information is very important. It comes in the form of an alert, so I don't plot it but I know when it happens and if takes place at the bid, at the ask or in between.
    I use alerts from you can look it up under the help section.
  5. windward


    I trade by watchig the tape- my "gut" watches where blocks trade in respect to the quote. That gives me a sense what stock is trading well or not. I'm desperately trying to automate this process and would be greatful if anyone has any insight.