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  1. I guess I should know this by now but I dont. Is there an easy way to find out exactly how much bandwidth you are using at any given moment. If I have a couple of programs running and want to know how much they are using, how do it do it? Thanks in advance.
  2. run a search on yahoo.....dsl speed test
    youll get several places to run tests try a few take a average
  3. thanks but thats not what im looking for. I know how to do speed tests. I want to know how much a program is using.
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    if your trying to measure bandwidth used for your quotes/broker etc. and not available bandwidth of your pipe then -

    on win2k/nt - open performance monitor , addin bytes received/sec received and bytes sent/sec (from network interface performance object)

    this will measure all internet and local traffic over your nic
  5. Read the below thread. I think you will find what you are looking for:
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    In windows, go to

    System Tools>
    Resource Meter

    A small bar chart icon will open on your toolbar (exactly what you see will depend on your present settings). Right click it, then click "details"

    Each time you start a program or open a window, it will tell you what % of your computers resources you are using.

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    In windows XP - PRO just hold down the "keys" Ctrl + alt + delete Windows Task Master pops up then Networking
  8. Thanks for the answers
  9. Typically, the "big" guys, hosting companies and backbones monitor traffic with tools such as a MRTG, SMTP and a managed switch port.

    You can take a reading from a managed switch port or your workstations network card on how much traffic it is passing using SNMP(Simply Network Management Protocol). MRTG is software that runs on Perl that produces a graph of the traffic.

    Unfortunately, these tools are used by network engineers and are not easy to translate for the average home user.

    If you just need to see the traffic for a period of time, download a free version of CommView from

    It will capture all network traffic, i.e. - your network card, and then break it down into types of traffic and where it is going. It can be fun and interesting if you have never seen the traffic into and out of your workstation across the Internet.
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