Measured-Move Complete at 1375

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Your reading comprehension is seriously lacking.
    You, my friend are the one that is a stooge.

    The "call" on the low for this move at SPX 1375 was made on August 10th, right here:

    Thanks for playing!
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  2. Perhaps, but I'll take a 75 point rally in the SPX in a span of an hour any day of the week!
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  3. <i>"Perhaps, but I'll take a 75 point rally in the SPX in a span of an hour any day of the week!"</i>

    Amen to that... it was a fun-filled afternoon. Now selling every break of today's gift to traders.

    Was long 1410.50 = stop 8.50 around 7am and walked away. Stopped out by a couple of ticks, then they lifted a tad at 8:15am without me.

    That, and the decision not to buy 10 - 20 SPX Aug 1400 calls at the lows yesterday cost me a few missed $$$

    It's a pretty deep trough we're feeding at these days :>)


    Excellent calls at both turns, btw. Of course you realize that TA doesn't work... there are informative threads elsewhere in here that plainly warn you about such. So, in the future don't bother wasting time with those price measures & projections of yours (monstrous belly laugh)
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  4. This "call" was made after the market made a low last week of 1429.7. The call includes TWO possible bottoms. If the market rallied up the wazoo this week, waggie/landis still would have claimed victory w his other target of 1424 (since the S&P already made a low of 1429.7).

    waggie, you are a true loser and piker. To pull out this post which gives TWO scenarios, saying "look I got it right" is reprehensible. You are the ultimate loser.
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  5. una11


    I thought you "retired" from ET??? :confused:
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  6. good post zappy, even a dumbass can spot an even bigger dumbass like the elliot waver known as waggie/landis/sispuede.

    this cockbite is now takin credit for the surprise cut, ah what the hell, let him do another lap in his open limo'd ticker tape parade. what has me dry heavin is all these lemmings atta boyin him.

    ps. austin 20/20, i'm glad to see you attackin this POS wag/landis/sisepeude
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