Measured-Move Complete at 1375

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    actually, didn't he post something like this about a week or two ago? I remember reading it somewhere - Landis, pull up your post. maybe it wasn't the exact high, but definitely forecasted the further move down to 1375. I can't remember.

    anyway, fantastic.
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  2. Nice work!
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  3. Yes, thank you.
    Here is the post that you are thinking about . . . from August 10th:

    Scroll down.
    It's the last post on Page 6 of the thread.

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  4. Thank you for proving my point! AFTER the S&P made a low last week @1429.7, waggie/landis/sisepeude posts on 8/10 that the S&P would either goto 1375 or 1424. Meaning, if we rallied up the wazoo this week, he would have claimed victory on 1424 as well, saying he was within 6 points (of S&P 1429.7).

    As I said, waggie/landis/sisepeude NEVER posted he was SHORTING. Show us a single post where landis is shorting. There are NONE. This is typical landis/waggie/sisepeude, "it could go either here or here, so i'll be right either way". Great call.

    Here's the post:

    1503 was a fib retracement number.
    The rally terminated there and then the market resumed its decline.

    The first leg down was 128 points.
    Subtract 128 from 1503 and you get 1375

    Take a .618 fib ratio of 128 and you get 79 points.

    1503 - 79 = 1424

    Two possible targets on the downside.
    Good luck to all!
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  5. Thank you Sir.
    Hope you did well today!
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  6. Thanks.
    Very much appreciated!
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    skepticaltrader Guest

    Nice call Landis!!!

    Do you plan to stay out of the ES until you get another signal?

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  8. awesome call mate.
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  9. even though he's a dick head i have to agree with gostzapper.
    wagie dude makes one call 15 minutes after the low of the day. the market was already coming back when this stooge yells out rally. all you cats are slappin him on da back and attaboyin him because the market lifted into the close after swinging so hard that everyone trading the minis got stopped. rennick nails the call twice a day, today his 1:05 pm ball call warned a reversal was very likely. this cat is actin like he should be in an open limo getting a ticker tape parade.

    pff whateva!!!!

    da back!!!!:p
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  10. <i>"is it back to new highs based on your analysis?"</i>

    Dead-cat bounce ended at 38% resistance of recent hi-lo swing nearly to the exact tick today. Downtrend remains entrenched until proven otherwise. Will short all sell signals with impunity along with honoring buy signals upside, business as usual.

    1375 zone had several layers of highly relevant price magnets to offer support on the first test.... which will not be its last :cool:
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