Meanwhile china marches on...

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  1. And that's just news for a week!

    Meanwhile in the US....

    NJ governor christie canceled one of the largest pure infrastructure projects in the country, 10 years in the planning and hundreds of millions dollar wasted, all for nothing. The project would double the capacity of the aging njtransit system that connects nyc and nj, which is already over max limit. Not to mention generating 6000 jobs while in progress, it's one of the few pure infrastructure work we actually need.

    All because it MIGHT go over budget by $2-5 billion, meanwhile we gave 700 billion to the banks, and god knows how much in "stimulus". The real reason was politics as usual - the project was initially supported by former governor jon corzon, a democrat.

    And a ~150mile amtrak ride between nyc/philly cost $100 for a 1 way ticket in their 20 yearold train that might as well be ran by monkeys with guaranteed delays and disgusting seats.

    Then you have all the politicians doing their best to get re-elected paddling the same shit that got us here in the first place without giving a flying fuck.

    Insert random china insults all you want, they are a country with a singular focus and running towards it with ruthless efficiency, while we are all over the place oozing with inaction and rhetorics bullshit. If we ever pull us up, history books will look back and call this the lost generation...

    /rant off
  2. actually strategically speaking, this is the USA's worst nightmare- A strong, democratic China, not all these tech infrastructure stuff.

    The world is rapidly changing.

    China Communist elders issue free speech appeal

    Retired officials of the Chinese Communist party post open letter online calling for end to restrictions on free speech

    A group of eminent Chinese Communist party elders has issued a bold call to end the country's wide-ranging restrictions on free speech, just days after the government reacted angrily to the awarding of the Nobel peace prize to imprisoned dissident Liu Xiaobo.

    In an open letter posted online, the retired officials state that although China's 1982 constitution guarantees freedom of speech, the right is constrained by a host of laws and regulations that should be scrapped.

    The 23 signatories to the letter include Li Rui, the former secretary to revolutionary leader Mao Zedong, and other retired high officials in state media and the propaganda apparatus who were once themselves responsible for enforcing strict censorship.
  3. This is why the USA is fucked. Wrestlers, movie stars, GENIUSES like Sarah Palin, and NO EXPERIENCE Barack Obamas are the leaders of the country.
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    That dude still wrestles? I never realized he only has 1 eye, who would've guessed..... :eek:
  5. Wrestlers are strong and intelligent. A leader has to be strong and intelligent.

    Movie stars are idiots and useless. I agree with you.

    Barack Obama is hopeless. I agree with you.
  6. but Reagan is a movie star
  7. I did not know Reagan is a movie star.

    People say present day USA problems and troubles (debts and wars) are because of USA Presidents and leaders who have been leading USA for the past 80 to 90 years.

    Till now USA never had a "wrestler President". Let us have a USA President who is a wrestler.
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    Spending money on infrastructure projects, if done efficiently, is about the best way that government can spend money, in my opinion. It creates jobs and we get something that's going to have tremendous benefit to a lot of people. I'd much rather see money spend on infrastructure projects than education or military.
  9. He is back from the dead, he doesn't even need ONE eye to see!
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