Meal Seasonals

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  1. SoyMeal’s been having a really good run this season. Each contract is worth 100 tons. Anyone out there have any experience trading "SoyMeal Seasonal Calendar spreads?"

    5/23 Meal has had profits in
    every single one of the last 15 years. Now sixteen consucitive years. Can you see how far away we had to keep our stops to catch the Seasonal trend?

    The big profits are in the
    long-term trend. Can you see the unbroken up-trend line?
  2. The expected dip in Meal is happening on schedule. As you can see, from this weeks WSC! we are really rolling over bcause we buy a new Meal spread on Monday's close and we close out an old Meal spread on Friday's close.

    You have to expect, anticipate a drop when a
    cycle bottom is due. Jerry probably gave us the Meal spread next week because we have already averaged up the Beans. So of course this is a new trade, but yah its also a pyramid.

    We just have to decide whether to go in on Mondays’ close when the
    window opens or wait until it turns up as a little extra insurance. This spread has worked 17 of the last 18 years.

    What does that tell you about next weeks expected price action?

    Over a large group of long-term trades, we hope to pull substantial profits out of the Seasonal trends. We are trading the
    Seasonal tendencies. We can use technical analysis to help us with our timing, but we can also trade without it when it takes to much time. Trade like it is a business Trading is a business. Do you know how to tell when you are spending too much time on any individual trade?
  3. Remember: there is risk of substantial Gain trading, "Seasonal Calendar SoyBean Meal Spreads!"


    A late entry, based on technicals would have worked well here.!”