Me-Chelle: Get To The Polls On November 2nd

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. pspr


    Michelle Obama, speaking yesterday at a campaign event in Florida:

    "So that one new voter that you register in your precinct -- think about it -- that one neighbor that you get to the polls on November the 2 I want you to understand, that could be the one that makes the difference. That one conversation, that one new volunteer you recruit, that could be the one that puts this over the top."

    The presidential election this year is November 6.
  2. Lucrum


    Maybe she's been drinking with Biden.
  3. wildchild


    Maybe the mix up will mean she wont be illegally campaigning inside of the polling places like she did in 2010.

    It also might mean they wont know what day to send the Black Panthers out to intimidate voters.
  4. pspr


    It seems Obama has scrubbed the web of the pic of Biden with his hand on Michelle's knee. But this one is just as funny.

    <img src="">
  5. =============
    Great points Wchild.
    This is not a prediction, especially about the future;
    but look on the bright side.

    If one attempts to vote ''early '' in 2012;
    this year, you may still need a voter id:D But real early [NOV 2] voting like some may attempt to do in Chicago, no voter id maybe required.LOL
  6. When Zionism insults the President/Vice President, and their families, they're insults against America and americans, BECAUSE The President was chosen by the American people, and insulting him is insulting all americans, and their choice.
  7. :D Yet one more reason why I come to the basement. That was funny!
  8. pspr


    Thanks, RCG. I would have expected something more confrontational from you. :D

    Biden is truely a funny guy.
  9. Lucrum


    I've been known to be funny on occasion, mostly when I'm drunk of course. Like Biden.
  10. What's with the antisemitism from you?
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