me and my partners analyzed the situation, you can buy for tomorrow Wed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by elohio, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. elohio


    I have many names since the dawn of time.

    but that isn't important

    what is important is to buy tomorrow

    here is detailed analysis

    bulls and bears couldn't decide really where to go

    BUT, positive news that will come out will simply tip it the up way

    I've seen it many times, in these 200 years of trading

    yes I traded rice in Japan, when the world didn't even know it exists
  2. hey madrid9,
    Is your partner also a member of the Stonecutters?
  3. elohio


    I am not madrid

    but how did you know I am an ascended being :eek:
  4. okay....buying on the open.....when do we get our next instructions from the spaceship ???? :confused: