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  1. currently the scalpers heaven
  2. fortunes lost and made on that one

    anyone know of how to find a list of companies with upcoming FDA approvals?
  3. Thanks!
  4. Bad news or a 4:1 split?
  5. Guy in my firm blew out on it. Lost >1MM.
  6. l2tradr


    Overnight hold I assume...don't get how someone can hold such size overnight unhedged most likely, pre-FDA announcement... :eek:
  7. When I started my tradestation it was at 11.60. It was free cheese btw 8:00 to 9:30. Not trading it now.
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    Come on, who would hold that many shares long overnight pre-announcement? You use option spreads to play that game. What kind of firm ya'll working for???
  9. I was wrong, anyway. He bought 50k on the BO at 29 in November. He's out $800k from cost-basis.
  10. He's been long for almost 4 months. Sick to let something run from 29 to 44 and not book it.
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