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  1. One company I am thinking about now is Medis Tech.

    Medis has made the very difficult and important transition from the process of developing a product to completing development of our 24/7 Power Pack product, receiving Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listing, creating the production capability to make the product in high volumes and making significant progress in sales and distribution of the product.

    Power Pack Sales -- the Enterprise Market

    The Power Pack sales programs are aimed at two different markets. One is the enterprise market -- those companies who equip their employees with mobile devices carrying advanced software, like Microsoft's Windows Mobile or Symbion, that affords them computer capabilities on their devices, including exchanging information with their office computers and operating their e-mail. MDTL believes that our Power Pack has broad appeal to this market by supplying the increased power that allows the use of these devices for longer periods and more conveniently, Importantly, we are told that there is no other satisfactory solution in the form of chargers or other power sources for powering many of the devices used in this market.

    This is a market that is growing very rapidly. As recently reported by IDC, it is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 23% from $1.2 billion in 2006 to $3.5 billion in 2010. Already, Symbion claims to have some 60 million users and Microsoft is planning to have some 100 million users by the end of this year. We have also been told to expect a high attachment rate in this market -- that is the percentage of device users who would buy the 24/7 Power Pack and expect multiple use of Power Packs by each employee.

    We have publicly expressed our expectations of large scale sales in this enterprise market and now that we are able to demonstrate that we have met the stringent test for UL certification we would look for such orders.

    The Retail Markets

    Every day brings more evidence of the development and sale of consumer devices with increasing capabilities which require more power to fully use and enjoy. The advent of cell phones with music, video content and other capabilities, as well as the beginning of advertising on the cell phones, are examples of this wider use. Existing batteries cannot keep up with the expanded power needs. Particularly, since the massive battery recalls, it does not appear that battery capabilities will be expanded in the foreseeable future. At the same time, chargers using even the most advanced lithium batteries are capable of very limited increase in use time -- the best of them claiming only a little over three hours. As a result, we and our distributors believe there is a large demand for our Power Pack capable of providing from twenty to thirty hours of added use time, depending on the device. And, of course, we expect that once the consumer has a good experience with the initial purchase he or she will make multiple purchases.

    We already have substantial orders for the consumer market, such as the order for 200,000 Power Packs per month from our distributor, ASE International, and with the responses we have already received from the announcement of UL certification it is clear that we have the opportunity to place the Power Pack in a broad array of retail outlets, worldwide, including mobile operators' cell phone stores.

    The timing of this retail program requires thoughtful handling. Our distributors and customers have advised us that once they start selling the Power Packs, especially if they sell through as quickly as we expect, they must have sufficient supply readily available to refill their inventories. Based on our sales expectations, the capability of our semi-automated line of up to 30,000 Power Packs a month will not be sufficient assurance of adequate back up supply. Our plan to assure sufficient product flow is to ramp up for retail sales by accumulating inventory from our semi-automated line for the next few months and time the start of retail sales so that our automated line will be in operation in time to support the expected market demand for refilling inventories.

    The Military and Homeland Security Markets

    In parallel with the development of the enterprise and retail markets, we are working with General Dynamics to develop military markets for the Power Pack as well as markets with Homeland Security. Sales to these markets will be subject to the same considerations as the retail market.


    The fully automated line capable of producing up to 1.5 million Power Packs per month is now being validated in Ismeca's plant in Switzerland by teams from Ismeca and Celestica together with our own team. As validation is completed, the line will be dismantled and sent to Celestica's plant in Galway, Ireland where it will be reassembled and begin the process of being put into production. At the same time, we plan that our fuel facility and our electrode assembly facility in Ireland will become operable. Our plan is to start building production from that automated line in Ireland during the second quarter and reach the capability of full production during the third quarter.

    More Powerful Products for Laptops, Home and Military Use

    During this past year, we announced plans to create more powerful second generation fuel cell products based on the core platform technology reflected in the Power Pack product. These new products are designed to be refuelable using fuel cartridges. One such program involves an 800 watt power source being developed with funding from Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). Funding has begun on that project and our technical team is moving forward to develop a program for IAI, upon which IAI will decide whether to go forward with development. With respect to development of power sources for laptops and one to two kilowatt power for homes and offices, we have met with companies interested in each of those projects to show them our program and are waiting for responses that would provide funding and business support, reflecting their serious commitment to the project to encourage us to move forward.

    Financial Condition

    Our company has never been as financially strong as it is today. As of the end of 2006 we expect our cash, cash equivalents and short term investments to total over $80 million, reflecting our successful sale of $57.5 million of Series A 7.25% Convertible, Perpetual Preferred Stock and including over $8 million received from our Deputy Chairman and COO, Howard Weingrow and from me as a result of our exercise of stock options. We also have no long-term debt. We believe these funds are sufficient to carry out our plans and bring us to the point of cash flow so that we would require no further external investments.

    >> Wow! Where to start. First off to have a product that the retail market is salivating for is a great position to be in. 200,000 per MONTH! That's a big nut for ASE Int they must REALLY believe in the product. ditto 200 Sales personal devoted to the Power Pack. What we have here is a bet on management execution can they (1) ramp up enough Power Packs ahead of roll out and then seamlessly turn on a new plant in ireland in Q3. That's a lot to ask, especially when that plant will be broken down in Switzerland and mailed over...
    Still as the ULTIMATE PLAY ON NEXT YEARS CHRISTMAS- stonedinvestor is making a VERY early call- the top selling gizmo will be the Medis Tech Power Pack!. If we can get into Best Buy... our stock will fly!

    Throw in unmanned vehicles and gov contracts and the fact that the stock mysteriously went up over $1 on a messy Friday with 1.1 mil traded.... Also the recent CES show in Vegas probably allowed them to seal up more contracts as they did display there...
    Add to that on 2/5/07 there was a 5000 share buy by an insider @ $13.50 for $67,500.00... Add to that the incredible short position against this name...
    Anytime in tech you have a situation where demand exceeds availability it's risky it opens the door to competitors- however, this stock sold for $30 bucks in it's discovery phase, now they have emerged with the technology, the product, the certification & the distributor- all they needed is the damn automated plant up and running and this MDTL will be back to $30 by X-Mas 2007!~ stoney
  2. This line is nagging at me: including over $8 million received from our Deputy Chairman and COO, Howard Weingrow and from me as a result of our exercise of stock options.

    What do you guys take that to mean exactly? They exercised at fair value? Wouldn't that show up as Insider Buying?
  3. Ok those amazing officers exercised options that gave them stock for $2 to $3. Bastards. I don't know about this pick. Although I would note a week or two ago:

    Stocks with Abnormal Call Volume: These are stocks which showed unusual call option volume not easily explained by arbitrage operations. The appearance of a stock on the Call Volume Alerts list suggests a possible takeover, extraordinarily good earnings report, or other news which may favorably affect the stock.

    Medis Technologies (NASDAQ:MDTL - News). MDTL

    The news was probably the insider buying but we now know it was not open market.
  4. Look good for this year (At least)
    now correcting tho
    I would buy next week or the week after that
    at around 10 bucks
    Target 27 for july
  5. I'm in folks! @ $16.00

    I know they are a lot of haters on this name.
    I think I see a perfect CUP with a HANDLE shaping up for Jan feb period...

    I see some strong institutional ownership ontop of a big short position and a company that supposedly could make a big handset announcement at any time....
  6. topdown


    Stoney - Looks like you made a great call - up 3.5% already. (I did follow you in).

    I guess I owe one.
  7. I'm sort of rotating into these weird plays. I want a buy and hold thing to happen here, my god the years just started I'm trading like crazy-- a couple slow doublers' will do : Another one I just bought today is Maxwell (I bought it after an UP 5% morning not the best timing but as usual I've been tracking it nows the time ) MXWL check it out topdown!
  8. topdown


    WOW stoney - Great Pick - Up 5% this morning.

    Upside resistance looks to be miles away. I have to overcome my desire to "protect my profits" and just let it fly!

    ..must ... not ... sell ........... let ... it ... run
  9. topdown


    Alright Stoney - I am going to try and pay you back for the great pick on MDTL.

    Check the chart / news for MGPI. It has been beaten down recently, but looks like it reversed today after a Roth conference yesterday and an upgrade from Matrix. Gap up 5% with good volume today. Looks like a back door ethanol play with the bonus of a good cocktail.

    I'll be watching tomorrow and will dig deeper this weekend, but at first glance, this looks like it could be a good play.
  10. MGPI that sounds so familiar... I feel like it may have been a spin out from someone... sounds interesting....
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