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    MDRX looks good here, it has been basing for a while and the fundamentals look solid...thoughts?
  2. Good stock but its expensive.. so thre is risk...
  3. You want ESRX instead as an investment and trade.

    MDRX was meant for armchair specialists and trusties. imo

    Good trading.
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    MDRX has MUCH faster growth than ESRX. If you want to buy a stock that still has room to run buy MDRX. As TF said, it is pricey, but you pay for growth IMO.
  5. I don't like the ownership and constituency of MDRX. They are weak, steal others work, and mismanaged.

    Room to grow is another way of saying they can't make any money now but perhaps in the future if three blue moons line up they may.

    ESRX is a well established company that has a broad following and they make money and have a reasonable valuation not to mention the technical advantages of trading it over allscripts.

    But, if you want to trade a piece of sht like MDRX don't mind me. You know how i feel. :D

    Either way, good trading to you and the trusties. :)
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    Actually they are increasing their EPS already. You clearly do not know fundamental analysis, as your only defenses are cheap slogans and undefendable statements If you knew anything about the fundamentals, you would notice that in the first quarter of this year they earned .032 per share, this compared to the same time last year with a mere .006 per share. In the second quarter of this year they earned .047 compared to .016 in the same time period last year. ESRX earned .571 in the first quarter of this year, compared to .445 last year, and in the second quarter they earned .678 compared to .416 in the same time last year. Now since your such a narrow minded baby, must I go through the revenue growth?

    There is not question ESRX is more developed but if you want real profits, go for the real growth, go MDRX.

    And for the technicians, check out the 3 weeks tight pattern!

  7. Well, not everyone has the breadth of knowledge that you may have with this brilliant explanation. Wow. Did you copy that statement from your brokers report? Sounds like a MSDW type to me.

    So, your two main points are revenue growth over a handful of quarters "actually they are increasing revenue growth already" and a "3 week tight pattern". Astonishing insight.

    You have a real winner there. The people i know who are in the stock bought it at private placements not on the open market and they are simply put, idiots. But you go right ahead and buy that revenue growth and tight three week pattern or should i say sell it to your neighbor.

    I am very open minded and opinionated but then again i like to make money and not blow smoke. You are a good guy probably and i'm sure you can live with my opinion as narrow minded as you seem to think it is. I will leave your thread so you can continue in your endeavor.

    Good trading....
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    I don't read institutional research. I do my own work, all that can be easily found on etrade research, dick. 3 weeks tight, isn't too hard to recognize, all you need to do is look at a weekly chart. I featured research on this stock on my website, along with many other stocks. And many of the ones I cover have done very well. Take a look a tmy.


  9. You feature research on your website on MDRX ? Does this research include insight from posts on ET as well b/c you ask about our thoughts on MDRX ?

    Interesting fellow. An investment research website in this day and age. Groundbreaking.

    Care to share your site with us/me so i can give you my "thoughts" on it as well?

    Have you talked with any management at MDRX to give us your analysis on them or are you comfortable with making investments solely by clicking for information on Etrade and featuring this information on your website?

    Let me know when to plow into MDRX. I'll be waiting and hoping.

    I am a dick when it comes to placing trades and making money.

    Good trading to you.
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    My website is in my profile. It was a basic profile. I claim not to be an analyst but a money maker, and I have talked to the management. I was trying to make a point and you, like most ETers take it being the arrogant prick you are as being mean. Ask anyone on this site who knows me and my abilities and they will tell you I'm legit. Go back into your wireless cafe so you can respond, than back to your box you asshole. For some reason you feel the need to bring others down with your failing life.

    Good luck to everyone else and I hope you found my analysis useful.
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