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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by H2O, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. H2O



    I'm interested in spreadtrading (stocks and or futures) for a long time since it offers good profits in combination with a very low risk profile.

    I found

    It offers McSpread (I admit it's a funny name) but it looks good.

    Anyone allready using this product (It looks like it's brand new)

    If yes, how is your impression.
  2. SamW


    I looked at the web site describing the software. It looks like this is a new product and is not yet ready for "real time" use. Currently, it can calculate based only on end of the day data. It also seems a little expensive. I trade spreads on a regular basis. I use a charting program called Attitude. For $130 a month (plus exchange fees) a full charting program is available. In that program you can create spread charts and ratio charts using real time data. You can create long term charts as well. The web site can be found at:
  3. xicaju


    I looked at the McSpread webpage. Looks interesting but I (like most traders) am very reluctant to pay money for software before I have a "test drive." What appears to be a honda could really be a yugo. Bottom line......they need a 30 day demo.
  4. Gann


    Hi Rob, I looked into it and it's not only hedging and calculating the Beta between the two tickers, but highly complicated correlatian analyses and even it select the best strategy according the screenshots.
    Have never seen this before as a PC system.
    Understand the program comes R/T later on.