Mcmillan's 'Options as a Strategic Investment' Same League ?????

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  1. Of all the option strategy and trading adjustment books I have read, the most informative have been 'The Option Trader Handbook' by Jabbour and Budwick and Mcmillan's 'Options as a Strategic Investment'. I've also read Cottle's books. I would appreciate any suggestions as to further study. I've read a ton of options books, but none have the amount of additional trading adjustments that the former 2 do. I'm sure there is another book out there for future study that is in their same class. And just for the record, I'm not looking for the grail, I just enjoy studying different authors perspective of market action. I appreciate anyones advice.
  2. Natenberg.
  3. "the Bible of Options Strategies", Guy Cohen
  4. drcha


    I also think you would enjoy McMillan's other book, McMillan on Options. It is not just a rehash of the bigger book.

  5. Charles Cottle's book

    Natenberg's Option Pricing and Volatility

    McMillian's books (2)

    Option Trader Handbook

    With that set of books you got a great foundation of options knowledge to work and build from.
  6. True, but if someone wants to get off on the right track and really understand how options work, any of these titles is going to overwhelm most novices.

    I wrote an introductory book that eases an investor into the world of options - and explains how to think about making trades and choose an appropriate strategy:

    <b>The Rookies Guide to Options</b>


  7. Me and Budwick got into a fistfight once over some Girl Scout Cookies, but his book is solid.

    I would most definitely recommend you check it out.

    One thing you may want to look into is reading Phil's handbook, and then move into Cottle. The Option Trader's handbook will introduce you to the concepts and get you comfortable enough with them that you will be able to move on to Cottle's books without having a brain meltdown.

    Can't recommend Option Trader's Handbook enough.

    Once you get some experience, check out Euan Sinclair's book as well.
  8. My humble apologies Mark,I did not mean to leave you out and glad you referenced your books as well.

    Mea culpa and would add any of Wolfinger's books to the list as well.
  9. Dude, I told you how I felt about Samosas with that fudge and coconut deliciousness so yummy so if you did not get all grab happy with my last box we would not have had to resort to hand to hand ninjitsu.

    I have also heard good things about Sinclair's book and if I get off my lazy butt to read another option's book I will look into his.
  10. You're right, I must admit I did provoke you to wrath. The rules were broken and I had to pay.

    Check out Filthy's book if you get some spare time. It's a good read, he has a good way of getting ideas across.
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