McMillan options book graph of point of maximum decay

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  1. The McMillan options book had a graph of the point where option decay really accelerated. I think it was with about 3 weeks till expiration. Can anybody post this graph, or give the McMillan page number?

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    Not exactly what you are looking for, but I'm sure it's pretty much the same graph as this one. As you can see the slope really steepens with about 3 weeks to expiry.
  3. Nanook


    Options as a Strategic Investment
    3rd Edition
    pg. 13
    Figure 1-4
  4. So does it make more sense to short option with >30 days than <30 till expiration?
  5. It boils down to what is the strategy you want to employ...some prefer to take advantage of shorting the short-term options but at the same time long with the same month, for instance Iron condor...but in such a way that it gives you theta edge...

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