McMillan On Options - Second Edition

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    Larry McMillan is pretty much consider THE MAN when it comes to options. I have a brand new copy of this book that I'm interested in selling for a good price to anyone that's interested. PM me if you are. :)
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    Just wanted to put this out there again. Did it on the weekend and wasn't sure everyone saw it. Hope everyones trading's going well today. :)

  3. Get Real

    Just another over rated options author who is so dull that he bores himself half way through his own book.
  4. BCE


    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion including you. It might be noted however you're among a very small minority that feels that way. Very small. In reading books on trading I personally am not looking to be entertained but am looking for someone that really knows his stuff. That would be, according to most anyone who also knows, Larry McMillan.
    "He was inducted into the Trader's Hall of Fame in October of 2001 by the Options Trading Forum. World-renowned speaker and educator on options trading, he is frequently quoted in respected sources such as Dow Jones, Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, JAG Notes and"
    "When it comes to options trading education, no one is more respected than Larry McMillan. With all the new innovations in the options arena over the past decade, this revised edition of his classic work is a must-have for ardent options traders and novices alike."
    --Price Headley
    President and Founder,

    "Larry McMillan has proved once again that he is an option strategist and educator without peer. In this book, he provides an intimate look at his own personal trading philosophies. He has truly raised the bar in his update to McMillan on Options."
    --James Bittman
    OIC Instructor and Author

    "Amazingly, Larry McMillan has outdone himself. His update of McMillan on Options not only expands the original research to include single-stock futures, LEAPS, ETFs, and volatility futures but goes beyond theory and reveals his personal strategies and new methods. McMillan’s put-call ratio work is bar none. An absolute must-read for traders of all levels!"
    --Jeffrey A. Hirsch
    The Hirsch Organization
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    Do you still have it? If so, how much?
  6. I bid $10 for it.
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    If you read some of his posts you'll see that Beach Man is just a troll going from forum to forum insulting people. I doubt he knows the difference between a call and a put.
  8. Hey Book & Seminar Boy!

    Have you made over a million dollars trading? Well..., have you wise ass?...your so out of your league it's not funny...put your money where your big mouth is and we will see who knows what when it comes to trading!!!!

    Till then:

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  10. you're asking too much...when it doens't sell, get in touch I'll give you $10 for it.
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