McMahon has Kicked...

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  1. One of the Hacks at the VFW told me McMahon died. In my humble opinion one of the all time greats, as well as that awesome 85 team, best ever. RIP young man, only the good die young.

    Rennick out:(

  2. Half the Pikers here are probably to young to remember the great McMahon.
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    I remember him, and I don't even follow football.
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    It was Ed McMahon that died, not Jim.
  6. Ain't you from Chicago Risky? First name was Jim.
  7. I used to go to bear games at the old soldier field when I was 7 for the hot dogs and to watch jim, sweetness, and the fridge under the guidance of mike ditka.

    now I get up there once a year to cheer on the new cast and remind myself what -30 wind chill feels like so I appreciate florida that much more when I get home.

    I have a kids medium superbowl shuffle t shirt. its fantastic.

  8. That Jackass behind the bar has got one coming. I thought something was up the way the Fellas were acting. Damn, Ed died. Even worse,, he was one of my all time favs, switched over to Budweiser because of him. RIP my good man. Sorry for the confusion. Apologies to the funky QB's family, regrets for Ed's, not much left in the estate if the news stories are true.

    Rennick out:confused:

    ps. We should all toast a Bud at precisely 11:30 pm EST in his memory.

  9. :D ... priceless!
  10. I got most of the 85 teams autographs in the McKormick Place Hotel lobby when they played Minnesota. All great guys except Matt Suehy, total jackass. They stayed there on home games.
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