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  1. Me: How much for a Habanero Ranch quarter pounder?

    Mcdonalds: With tax, $4.95

    Me: How much for a Habanero Ranch quarter pounds minus bacon, & tomato. Just meat, cheese, bun, lettuce and habanero sauce?

    Mcdonalds: $4.95

    Me: That does seem fair. Basically charging me for the bacon & tomato that you are not putting on my burger.

    Mcdonalds: Sorry, thats our policy.

    Me: how much you charge for putting lettuce & habanero sauce on one of your dollar items?

    Mcdonalds: 30 cents for the sauce, lettuce is free.

    Me: Well since the mcdouble has almost a quarter pound of meat, I will order that with lettuce and habanero ranch sauce.

    McDonalds: That will be $1.40 at the next window, sir.

    Same amount of food in my belly, but 70% cheaper by building the item up from the dollar menu.

    Nobody screws with me. I do the screwing.

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  2. Hello... you're eating at MCDONALDS.

    By definition I think you are screwed.

  3. Talk about finding a loophole..... That kicks A$$ just for being able to pick the weak spot!

    There is nothing wrong with McDonalds! You don't become #107 on the Fortune 500 list unless you have done something right for a long time!
  4. once I went to Mc Donalds and just ordered a cheeseburger
    but they wouldn't take my order until I called it a Mc Cheesburger
    I refused to call it at a Mccheese burger and the girl finally called the manager

    he and I went through it a couple of times until he asked, "Would a Mccheeseburger be ok?"

    and I said, "Ya that would be fine."
  5. You should of asked the manger if he wanted a McPunch with a side serving of spiting Chiclets...

    At least that guy took his job seriously!

    Not to get off of topic but does anyone know what a McDonald's owner makes? I go through the drive through once in a blue moon during odd hours (I am not a people person (hermit) and that is why I am here) and no matter when I go the damn thing is busy! I guess at least 250K on the ultra conservative side.. Anyone?
  6. I worked at mcdonalds as one of my first jobs about 20 years ago. The count was $3k to $6k per day. So assuming an average of $4,500 per day gross and after all expenses, assuming owner took home 5% of the gross, then $80k sounds about right. This was 20 years ago though, where a bigmac cost $2. Cheeseburgers cost 49 cents. And I made a whooping $4.40 per hour. Everything as pretty much doubled, so I'm guessing owners make around $150k or so per year.
  7. Haha, I know, right?

    I usually just go there to buy fries for the kids. Then I saw the habanero ranch quarter pounder and wanted to try it because I make my own habanero sauce and wanted to see if theres was better. (it was)
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    4 95 worth of crap or 1 40 worth of crap,runs rigt thru,mc'd's is the worst of the fast food
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    Speaking from a lot of knowledge on this subject, I would say system wide, the average McDonalds puts $100k to the bottom line.

    A little more, say $160-175k if it's a single unit that is managed by the owner (most are multi-unit franchises though).

    Keep in mind that's an average. It's a very low profit margin per employee business.

    Also, looking at the SBA averages, McDonalds has a pretty high failure rate (around 15% IIRC) of SBA loan failure.

    It's very difficult to manage a low profit margin business because you have to be nearly perfect in managing costs.

    Obamacare will take a bite out of those numbers. However, McDonalds will probably greatly reduce the number of full time (over 30 hours) workers they schedule to minimize the impact.

    It's easy to see how busy those things are and assume they are rolling in cash, but keep in mind that the land and occupancy costs associated with a McDonald's can be very expensive. They will usually purchase land on a fairly busy corner lot. Commercial land is very pricey, especially on corners with high traffic counts and ample room for the ideal drive through set up.