Mcdonald's -- "We Love to See you Smile!"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. This explains a lot.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. bobcathy1

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    New McDonald's themes.....

    We love to see you eat and get fat.
    :) :)

    Your big bottom is good for our bottom line.
    :) :)
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  4. Thx, Nitro. But I'd rather have a fat account, no pun intended.
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  5. TGregg


    ArchAngel (and most of the rest of us) miss the real danger here. There are valid and unobvious warnings that need to be included with some items. The ones AA lists are clearly not good examples of what most of us would consider informational warnings, but they are so commonplace, that most of us (including me) ignore each and every product warning we run across, because 99.9% of them are a complete waste of our time to read.

    That means we are missing a tiny amount of real information, info that is important. Info that saves lives and keeps people healthy and products functioning. We can thank the Trial Lawyers for that, another big part of the Democratic Party.
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    I would agree about the toilets. They're the only reason I ever go into these places.

    Perhaps if they can't make money selling food they could convert their premises to private sector restrooms by charging people to use their toilets. It could be a good business. Cheap to run and profitable. If someone is really desperate for a piss (or shit), they'd probably be willing to pay a few bucks for a decent toilet. And there's a big shortage of public toilets in most cities nowadays.
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  7. I eat at McDonalds maybe 4-5 times a year, usually when on the road, and/or extremely hungry and there's no food in the house (like tonite), or don't feel like cooking..and want to be full in a hurry.

    In fact, I ate it 3 hours ago and feel sick already. I was so hungry tonite I just went for the FIX, quick, like a heroin addict, I am regretting it!

    I am full, but feel like shit! And definately not smiling!

    MCD is crap, but sometimes crap serves it's purpose!

    Guess an extra 45min in the gym tomm. is a given!
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  8. i tear the tags off my pillows! :D
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  9. I have heard that Van Halen wrote "Fat Bottom Girls" while
    eating at McDonalds... :D
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