Mcdonald's -- "We Love to See you Smile!"

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  1. Found this McDonald's commentary too from the same newsletter a couple nights ago (not as funny as the one last night, but some good points):

    McDonald's is launching a new Happy Meal campaign with the Betty Spaghetti dolls - apparently without a clue that most of their Happy Meal promotions end up with mothers are buying the promos from the McD operators for their kids but not the Happy Meals - and who can blame them? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like anyone's wakened to the fact that McD's needs a radical kick in the pants, not incremental or minor changes and new promotions/advertising.

    The food's mediocre to tasteless (even their trademark fries aren't what they used to be), stores aren't clean like they were in the Ray Kroc era, service is slow, counter staff often can barely communicate in English, and there's nothing new or interesting on the menu (or maybe it's just that what's on the menu is boring and tasteless). The Big 'n Tasty isn't all that big and it's not very tasty and charging a buck for a sandwich that costs $1.50 to make that isn't good enough to be worth a buck isn't getting anywhere. With Greenberg's exit, McD's was poised for a major kick in the butt shakeup. Unfortunately, the new management has squandered their first three weeks and market analysts and fund managers have noticed and are disappointed.
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    Wise beyond your years big_j.

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    Eating fries and burger is unhealthy.

    Trading commodities an stocks is unhealthy.

    Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy.

    Taking drugs is unhealthy.

    The list goes on, while revenue and profit of the business grow larger from an item to another.


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    Archangel. Wait to see what happens when people wake up to the fact these joints are where drug dealing to suburbanite kids really begins !
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    I was a lawyer and I agree three frivolous cases and some disciplinary action seems like a good idea. But, you have to understand legal history. I am a conservative, but if you are progressive and liberal you have to love lawyers, they prevent tyranny of the majority and/or powerful. It is what you call frivolous suits that have made our consumers safe. If we did not have ridiculous tort lawyers we might still have soda cans that explode and take out peoples eyes. Wheels that fall off cars etc. etc.

    Plus these safety laws (caused by tort lawyers) have made imports from other countries much safer. Now, my professor was one of the lawyers responsible for strict products liability law. She protected consumers, she wanted to have nets put up at baseball stadiums b/c people got hurt. My class told her to stop. I think she listened. I told her George Will would ask her where protection of the public stops. He said carried to its conclusion we should not have left turns by cars b/c that is how most accidents happen. I agree with George.

    But, now let us look at the McDonalds coffee case. The legal journals will tell you that the specific restaurant kept the coffee scalding hot. That they had been warned that employees and others that people had been burnt by it. Management decided to keep the coffee a higher than normal temperature in order to mask the fact that they were using really lousy coffee. In other words if we burn their taste buds they won't know what they drinking.

    Now, in light of those facts (assuming that what I read in legal journals is true) perhaps as a juror you would have found against McDonalds because of their poor cost benefit analysis.

    P.S. I wrote this quickly and I can't justify going back and cleaning this up. Please excuse the lack of style and cohesion.
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  6. my kids wont even eat there. thats enough for me - even if its a real estate play. when im on the road and im forced to eat there, the filet of fish sandwiches are almost always cold or tepid at best. i dont even eat the fries - the cokes are always good though.

    i can remember sitting outside as a poor kid and watching the guy make the fresh french fries and they smelled so good. i worked there for awhile in high school - sure there was grease on the floor, but the place was clean - everyting was clean - and thats when it was really busy. now its a mess whenever i visit. the management sucks and that filters down to the crews.

    while im on a rant. taco bell ought to start cooking on-site again. i can remember going there with the munchies and smelling the food as they cooked - the beans and meat. now if you go there they bring the meat out in a steaming plastic bag. no taste, no smell, no nothing... part of eating is actually smelling the food. or maybe i just need a case of the mucnhies. :p
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  7. double bottom?:)
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    OMG - I have tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard...this is too funny!!!!:p :p :p :p :p :p :p
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  9. really? how else do you get the collars on your shirts just right?
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  10. i have actually done this. :D
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