Mcdonald's -- "We Love to See you Smile!"

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  1. I'm sure your investors are smiling ear to ear!


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    US demographics are not in their favor given their menu. Many things have happened to challenge their management and they have not met the challenge: IMHO they have had some pretty weak management in place for a number of years. All you need to do is to talk to people that work at headquarters and it becomes very apparent that the corporate culture has IMHO been in need of overhaul for some time ....
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    That's what happens when you let a clown run the operation...
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    I am still surprised they're still in business. This is really junk food. Also it is totally overpriced for the rubbish . Only thing if you travel it has clean washrooms . My family and I have left the remains of decent restaurants in the toilets of Macdonalds worldwide !
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    Then that doesn't bode well for the USA.
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    I just eat more burgers as they are cheaper. Don't you?

    MCD will be there from generations to generations. People eat only burgers and fries.

  7. McDonald's Corp. is really a Real Estate Company, they typically buy the property and lease them out to their licensees for a 20 year period at a time. The lease is also tied in to sales with a minimum. The real estate that they own has to be worth billions but they're in the books at original cost.

    Just something to think about.
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    Their food is unhealthy!
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    Their ATTITUDE is unhealthy. I can not believe that in my lifetime I would see the complete disregard for my fellow citizens. Serving a HOT cup of coffee to an elderly woman, I mean shit at 75 just how many cups of coffee could she possibly have consumed?? And what is this non-sense about serving obese people food? Every time I go to a fast food restaurant I have to check the signs to make sure I am not in Ballys Total Fitness or that I did not sign up for IronMan. Everywhere except Micky-Ds.

    I sure hope the countries lawyers can get a grip on this one.

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