McDonald's Out Smarts San Francisco Happy Meal w/Toy Ban

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Those pesky liberal San Francisco lawmakers thought they had stopped McDonald's from selling happy meals with a toy to kids with their new anti-Happy Meal law. The law basically says any meal including a free toy must meet a certain minimum nutritional requirement (not even S.F. school lunches meet this requirement). But little did they know that anyone who plays chess would be at least two moves ahead of them.

    San Francisco McDonald's restaurants simply excluded the toy from their Happy Meals. But, the toy can be purchased for 10 cents with the purchase of a Happy Meal. No crime under the law.

    So, the is back in the San Francisco legislatures court.
  2. Silly libtards! What will they "think" of next? :p
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    Wow, A+ grade private school corporate executives outsmarted C grade state school public lawmakers...I am shocked
  4. cool, how many happy meals do mcdonalds in sf sell a day? that*.1 is how much extra revenue their legislature just made them make lol
  5. The law makers will claim a victory and blame the "evil" corporations for circumventing the law. SOP, business as usual.


    This shit irks me to no end. You open a restaurant, your money, your sweat, your risk and other people determine your menu, the size where its located how many parking spaces the color of the exterior, the size of the sign who you can hire how many times you wash the floor the age and nationality of who you hire how much you pay them,...pfffftttttttt. just so you can pay taxes. We are a bunch of donkeys. This doesn't even cover the bs of dealing with the customers who steal from you and sue you and get fat from eating your food. Bunch of lardos.
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    Reminds me of a friend who opened a donut shop in a small mid western town using an existing restaurant building. The city told him that he had to spend thousands remodeling the restroom and entries to make the restaurant "handicapped accessible". His initial response was why can't I just put up a sign saying "No Handicapped People Allowed"?
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    :D :D
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    This is how the free market gets around regulations. When will they learn that they can make all the rules they want, the market will always find a way to meet demand. None of my left wing friends understand this.
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    Max E.

    Yeah, but usually it is also at a cost to the business, so all the regulation does it cost the business more money, which inevitably ends up costing jobs,. I cant help but crack a smile about McDonalds not only giving the government the middle finger but in this case, they are actually going to make more money by sticking it to the government, which is rare.

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    Of course it adds to the cost and this is why I also explain to my "left wing" friends that regulations act as a tax on business. Because at the end of the day, they won't stop the demand, they will simply make it more expensive for the end user, which is usually the poor and middle class. As you can see, I have to teach my "left wing" friends a lot. :)
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